So, my first installment of EA toys arrived last night. Two Hyperions and a Poseidon box set. The hyperions look to be in fantastic shape, some mold lines, but nothing serious, and I cleaned on up last night in a half-hour or so.

The Poseidon is a ilttle roughter - the hab sections have some obscured detail, the main flight hull is a little warped and part of one edge is obscured. Given the size of the peices, however, it's in decent shape. The starfuries are in great shape - lots of flash, but that's no problem to fix. I am much relieved, as I've heard som horror stories about the molds.

The tough part is my in-laws arrived last night as well. The next week is going to be killer, as I have a pile of lead I'm twitching to get to, and social obligations out the wazoo.

On a relted note, we started up our campaing last night. Once I get details of the first game, I'll begin posting a narrative blog. I plan to do it from the EA's perspective, so expect more detail on my games thatn others, but hopefully will be able to track the overall rogress reasonably well.

Sound´s great - I´m really loking forward to read your campaign blog! Since it´s hard to get our players to start a campaign aroudn here, I´m addicted to other players´campaign tales... don´t forget to mention which other forces take part, and maybe a few words about starting fleets and such... that is, should you find the time for that! :wink:
In-laws or out-laws are a pain, if its warped/ misscast give mongoose a shout took 3 months for my victory to get sorted.

Nah, I'm lucky - my in-laws are both good people. It;s hard to justify hiding away with a paintbrush when you've got houseguests, though.