[GK Games] Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee-class Merchant

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Gypsy Knights Games is proud to present the tenth entry in our line of products dedicated to the starships of Clement Sector.

In 2336, the small Boone based company Boone Starship Industries embarked on a program to modify the Rucker-class merchant vessel in order to improve cargo handling capability and to bring down monthly costs for operators. After a year of successive failures to bring this vision to reality, the design director took a proposal to the company board that a new design was what was needed instead of attempting to modify an already successful existing design.

The board of directors agreed and design work commenced on a new merchant ship (simply called type one) that included the cargo handling improvements initially proposed.

Over the six months of design, the initial three hundred tonne design was increased to four hundred tonnes to improve cargo capacity. Outwardly the type one was inspired by the style of the larger Atlas-class freighter which was license-built and maintained by BSI’s main shipyard orbiting Boone.

The type one became the Lee-class merchant vessel and is now one of the most popular new options for carrying cargo throughout Clement Sector.

The Lee-class merchant vessel is an ideal ship to be used for merchant characters within Clement Sector or in any Traveller setting. The ship's versatility allows it to be the home vessel for a variety of character groups from merchants to pirates to those simply needing an efficient vessel to get from Point A to Point B. The vessel has been designed to be used by a group of player characters and will become a valuable asset for Referees to use in any sort of Traveller game.

Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee-class Merchant Vessel comes complete with beautiful views of the ship. The Lee-class is presented with full deckplans and statistics to make your use of our product simple, easy and fun. In addition, the Lee comes with a set of adventure hooks to get your characters right into the action as well as a short story written by Bradley Warnes.

Though designed specifically with our Clement Sector setting in mind, the Lee-class could easily be used in any Traveller setting.

Get on board! Adventure awaits!

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Cosmic Mongoose
Ah, the Clement-verse Type R has arrived! Trading Launch for armour, the Lee's also got higher thrust and more turret tonnage than the R, suggesting it handles better in rough neighborhoods or various non-freight lifestyles (adventuring, piracy, military/mercenary applications (it makes a great landing ship, can carry lots of vehicles and supplies)).

For a perfect adventuring/player vessel, I was surprised by the lack of launch or air/raft, though fortunately the rear cargo hold is just long enough to fit small craft up to boat-size and air/rafts can be parked nearly anywhere :)

Since there is a thread regarding ship's locker on the board right now, I thought I'd mention how the Lee handles things. Very good, it turns out.

There is, of course, a main locker adjacent to the bridge, where weapons and important pieces of gear are securely stored. In addition there are galley stores near the common rooms, engineering has a store room of its own, the main airlock has an EVA locker, and to top it off there are general supplies locker at various points around the ship. Nice!

Overall, a very nice-looking trader, with a role to fill between the large Atlas and smaller free traders. The double-height cargo hold with huge side doors enable the Lee to carry cargo that other ships struggle with. In fact, the hold does make me think of the Serenity, must be the walkway up to crew deck...

Deck plan looks sensible, the medbay might be on the crew deck close to the bridge, but lockable hatches should minimize hijacking dangers.

I've taken to like the type R with its sensible layout and large cargo capacity, but the Lee just might win me over... Good job!