Ghosts of Omelos Raider Campaign.


I challenged the local Vree player to a one on one campaign whilst we wait for Armageddon. We made it a Raiders campaign, with myself deciding to try out the Ghosts of Omelos, while he stuck with the Vree.
We generated the system, and got right down to it.

First Scenario: 5 Pt. Patrol, assassination.
My Fleet: 1 Extinction Battlewagon and 1 Jashakar Scout.
His: 2 Vaarka Scouts and 1 Vaarl.

My target was one of the Vaarka. While I was able to lower stealth a couple times, He still ELUDED ME and Tore apart my Jashakar! I retaliated by annihilating his Vaarl with One round of Pulsar fire. We ended up having to call it due to time, but his Vaarka's were doing little damage to the Battlewagon thanks to the Interceptors and the low amount of dice. We decided to call it a Draw since we both killed a Patrol level ship.

Second Scenario: 5 Pt. Skirmish, Call to Arms
Special note: This was a fight in an EM Distortion, which gave all ships Stealth 2+, AND in a heavy dust cloud, giving every ship Dodge 6+. This was going to be QUITE interesting.

My Fleet: 1 Extinction Battlewagone, 1 Mauler-class Cruiser, and 2 Jashakar Scouts.
His Fleet: 4 Xixx Torpedo Saucers and 2 Vaarl.
After my last fight, where my Pulsars ended up doing more damage with its turreted arc on my Battlewagon, I decided to try out the Mauler of the Ghosts of Omelos, seeing as it has FOUR sets of TURRETED Pulsars! However, I was still quite worried because the Vree player is a crafty foe, and he loves using the Cheap Vree Scouts with their Stealth 5, and he LOVES the Xixx's. He can make those things go from paper mache Skirmish ships that blow up in one turn to spinning Plates that go on forever. Thanks to a combination of fighters and my Jashakars, though, I WAS able to destroy one of his scouts with Pulsar fire from the Mauler. The Mauler was the MVP of this fight, there is no doubt. With its massive turrets of Pulsars, it was able to Destroy Two Xixx's, One Vaarl, and seriously damage another Xixx to the point that it retreated.
Thanks to the Interceptors, Dodge Score, and Stealth caused by the environment, my ships were able to survive quite a few salvo's from the Xixx's. Long enough to get close enough to unleash hell. THAT BEING SAID, His Vaarl did kill my Jashakar, and a Xixx destroyed another one. Why is it my Jashakar's are the things getting killed?! Those are EXPENSIVE to Replace after a while! Anyway, the win for this fight went to me after blowing up three Xixx's and one Vaarl, and forcing the others to retreat....though not before they shred my precious Scouts.

Stay tuned, Fight 3 is coming this week!
Thanks for this. I look forward to following reports. You write enough so it's not boring and enough that everything that needs to be said IS said.

Good job on the first two fights.
I really dont know about the Mauler.

32 AD turreted plus 10 AD front. 42 AD at 8" for a raid lvl ship. On top of 4 AD DD,SL and a 2 AD SAP,DD bore beam.

I simply cant shake the feeling that those 4 banks of Pulsars were upposed to read F/A/P/S instead of all T.....
I know damage is low...but still.

Dunno what do you think?
I dunno actually.
I fired all the Turreted Pulsars on a Xixx once, and only got SIX hits. The fact the Pulsars aren't twin-linked, and are basically a throw of a dice, can really negate their effectiveness. I got lucky because Most of his ships were low Hull, but against a Hull Six or even Five, I dunno. They work well on Skirmish and Patrol ships, but against Raid or higher...Ehhhh.
Well a Bimith gets 16 AD at Twinlinked.

Yes it does survive some extra damage, but its slower has no beam and Disruptor torps.

The Mauler can simply use CAF and do 32 AD Broadside, overshoot or just right in front of the enemy for an extra 10 ad to push to 42!!! AD with rerolls.

I dunno really. Ill check rulesmasters.

Should have done that earlier....grumble.

<- shuffles off
I just came back from Korea.....

And yes i was right.

F/A/P/S it is supposed to be. AS by writer Mongoose Steele ^^.
Where was the, "Ghosts of Omelos" fleet published? Is it in the Dilgar book? Is it mearly a Raider list that is allowed to take Dilgar ships? Is it a Fanpiece?
Baron EvZ said:
Where was the, "Ghosts of Omelos" fleet published? Is it in the Dilgar book? Is it mearly a Raider list that is allowed to take Dilgar ships? Is it a Fanpiece?

S&P #36 Wargamer, Page 18