Game balance and Dwarven Gunner of Bor


I wonder about the balance of the Bor Dwarven Gunner.

It seems to me that the dwarven gunner does not acquire the "Secret of the Gun" ability (now every three levels) as often as it should...

I think the gunner would be more balanced by acquiring the Secret of the Gun ability every TWO levels.

What do you think?
I used to really worry about my Dwarvern Gunner Charicter, as he seemed pretty much behind the pack. However, now were past 10th level things have turned around a lot, wioth the other players saying hes by far the most powerful. (And when he reguraly hits form more than 50 damage you do start to feel that thay have a point.)

Mind I did give him an artifact scope that gave him one additional secret of the gun, which dosen't seem to have hurt the game.
Okayyy... So for you things reverse from 10th level on... But you DO have an additionnal "Secret of the gun" ability... Hmm...

Right now, the Secret of the Gun acquisitions run thus (from memory, don't have the book on hand):

Levels : 1 - 4 - 7 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 19

So perhaps the Secret of the gun acquisition pattern should be thus:

Levels : 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 12 - 15 - 18

Thats one Secret of the gun every two levels in order to prevent the gunner from "falling behind" in terms of power, until 9th level, where Secret of the Gun acquisitions are not as frequent, and classes balance out.
I think it should also be remembered that gunners would not normally work alone, but in groups, so while at lower levels they would be individually weak, en mass they would be more powerful than stronger characters of a similar level en mass.
Which is balanced out at higher levels when they are more likely to work alone,
Just a thought,
Classes in lw d20 are not balanced with each other. It wouldn't make much sense if the kai lord were as skilled overall as a shadaki buccaneer.

ALso, Joe Dever would also not really have allowed it. (he actually disallowed an anti-kai class which was supposed to have been in the darklands supplement)
Xex said:
if the kai lord were as skilled overall as a shadaki buccaneer.

That. (i.e. any other pc class being stronger overall than the kai)

In my opinion anyhow; somehow I just get the feeling Dever is really fond of the kai class/charcters. 8)