Eff'in Around With Heroforge

"Captain Linclon F. Sternn. I'm stopping you today because your vehicle was moving at three hundred and seventy six KPH, six KPH over the posted limit. You will need to make an appearance in court."

Customs agent Rewill Fliamson is having a bad day.

"Sir, or whatever you are, my scanner is detecting ridiculously high levels of biological material deemed illegal by Imperial law, in your luggage. I need for you to place your luggage on the ground and raise your hands, all of them."

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Opens case full of Chirper eggs.... 😁
Verlyn Heller, drone master (Electronics Remote Ops 4).

Have you noticed? Someone's always trying to shoot at you when you're repairing a drone. Makes me mad.


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I like the models, and love what you've done with the story behind them.
Thank you. Very nice of you to say.
I've done some more with a 2300AD theme if you haven't seen them.
Link below