Places Mongoose got it Wrong

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The Cheat said:
Michka said:
Is it funny to anyone else that The Cheat just censored a word after using the F-word?
I find the editing filter amusing. It wasn't intentional. Aparently it only works on nouns, for those of you looking for more amusement in the next 13 hours. ;)

I'll only say this once - reign in the language and the attitude, you're making less friends than you think, and annoying more people than you can possibly imagine.
What frobisher said, Cheat you need to check yourself. I personally find your behaviour and language on more than one thread less than satisfactory for a family forum such as this.

And the combined use of improper lanuage and posting material directly copyed, word-for-word, for one of the books in direct violation of copyright laws may even be enough to get you kicked off the boards. I am most certainly going to report it, that's for sure.
In addition the term 'Childbirth' can easily be applied to the firstbirth, or when the child leaves the pouch, so the passege you illegally posted here proves nothing. And your choice of language and lake of manners proves your ignorance far more eloquently than anything I could ever think of.
This one is locked down now. I won't condone even a hint of copyright law and I'm certainly not having that sort of language on a forum that children can read.

This does not happen again or it makes me personally annoyed.
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