Sector 21


I thought this might be useful to someone - This is my basic notes for Sector 21 (I have Judges, Celebrities and personalities if anyone is interested)

Welcome to Sector 21


Bush-Powell Block inc Hussain Plaza (Teams - Bush-Powell Stormers and the Hussain All-Stars) and Albright Con-Apt
Cheap housing, with the fairly nice Albright Con-Apt complex on the top two floors. Can be a bit rough at times. Has two Hospital levels, a shopping and entertainment complex, school and colleges. Parking for the Con-Apts has private security. Other parking is at owners risk. The Albright Residents also pay a donation to the Local Citi-Defence for patrolling the Albright Con-Apts grounds.

Hussain Plaza connects Albert Rosen to Bush-Powell and is a series of slightly higher quality of appartments surrounding the open topped plaza of stores and parks. Property prices are low due to the tensions between blocks has lead to riots and there is always the possibility of a block war.

Albert Rosen Block (Team the Rosen Raiders)
Bitter enemies of the Bush Powell Block who have beaten them 3 time running in the play-outs. The block housing is slightly superior to their rivals and has a good reputation for both its climbing and batglidding pursuits. Shopping facilites and education outside of sports is inferior as the block Council is adament that its teams will slaughter the current domination of the Bush Powell Stormers). The population of the A Rosen block is slightly higher, but the equipment of their Citi-Def is lower (due to the income from the Albright Con-Apts security contract. The Most popular crazes are Bat Gliding and syncronised Tapping (in which people are mugged in time to music in the theme of dance).

Georgie Beste Block and De Guille Heights Con-Apts (Georgie Beste Blasters)
Styled on Classic 1960s Paris through out the Georgie Beste residents resemble the 20th Centuary French. Popular Crazes inc Champing (Street Theatre Begging) , Philosophy and blazing (in which gangs burn vehicles from other blocks). The sterotype of the Georgie Best is that of the view of the French in such Tri-d Shows as Bonjour, Bonjure. In true tradition the Georgie Beste block has no enemy. By contrast the De Guille Heights are a very stylish series of luxuary appartments and housing with a very modernist theme. Its city def force are fairly laughable and are often drunk, but there are a series of commando squads that are truely proficient that invoke fear in the rival block gangs.

Ronny Raygun Croc-Block
Old People - Hate everyone. Lone juves should be wary of entering the Ronny Raygun Croc-Block due to the AAF (Anti-Ageist Front) have killed a number of lone youngsters. Crazes include Bingo, Tabloiding. The main reason for outsiders entering is either to visit a cantakerous relative or to run stookie pills.

Blair - Adams Block incorporating the Jackson Projects and The Perfumo Strip and the Brit-City and Emerald Island Diplomatic Zone (Accord Rangers)
A large percentage of the blocks residents hail from both England and Ireland. Rivalries between the factions are common, and usually only put aside when there is a common outside foe. The Jackson Projects is essentially an immigration zone for the rest of the world, including the highest denisity population of Sovs, Euros and Ozzies found in the big Meg. Housing in the Blair - Adams block resembles home more than Meg styles. The Perfumo strip is one of the megs biggest night spots featuring all kinds of entertainment from Euro, Brit Cit, Sov and Sino cities. Most of Sector 21s immigrant population live in this area. Rivalries are based on nation of origin and have been known to result in large scale skermishes. Though the Accord Rangers are the blocks offical Jetball team, the locals for the most part the play a antique sport of 'Footie' and the Rangers have a minimal following.

The diplomatic zones hold the Brit Cit and Emerald Isle (Corporation) embassy to Mega City 1, along with housing for their staff and families in quite serious luxury. Each zone has a private security force from the Island nation.

The main crazy is 'Footie'

Chaney-Gore Block inc Tatt Retirement Plaza (Chaney Desperados and the Tatt Oldsters)
Similar to Bush Powell block, the Chaney-Gore block is a fairly standard mega city place to live except that it has a croc-apt built into the main tower, allowing many to live close to their relatives. Its small Citi-Def force has a Alliance treaty with Bush Powell and an intense dislike of Georgie Beste block (Sov loving Frenchies), which spordoically breaks out into a block guerilla war. Popular Crazes include Dancing, Peeking and Breakin and Decorating

Clinton - Lewinsky DP Prefab Block (Clintsky Stealers)
One of the older blocks, the Clinton-Lewinsky block was due to be demolised just before Necropolis. Since Judgement day the call for housing the displaced has led to the block being reopened as an alternative to the displacement camps. Despite its older apperance and prejudices against the displaced the block is probably the equal of most due to the proud and communal nature of its residents and the energy spent in improving their block.

Nixon Block (Mostly abandoned after Necropolis)
This block is in the process of reclamation, the floors 5-10 are inhabited and feature a school, shopping plex, nightlife centre and hospital. The lower floors are largely unexplored. The reports of zombies are probably untrue, though the Citi-Def have check points sealing the lower levels from the upper, though enterance through levels 1 and 3 are open. The upper levels are generally under reconstuction

Soliah Heights inc Hayden Garden Luxuary Apartments (Redstar United)
Renown as one of the birthplaces of the Democracy Now movements, the Soliah Heights is a supprisingly nice place to live, and is in quite high demand (and more dangerously envy). The Hayden Garden Luxuary Apartments are among the nicest places in Mega City 1 being free standing luxuary buildings with their own security services, they remain the privillage of the elite of MC1

Dohrne Boudin Block (uninhabited - Apocolypse War - Building heavily damaged)
Well mostly a number of homeless and displaced people reside in the ruins.
J Edgar-Sharron Block (Top half abandoned after Block Mania) (The Edgar All Blues)
Despite the entire top half of the block being destroyed during the block mania by a Missile Attack from the Nixon Block, the surviving half of J Edgar have managed to carry on regardless of such an incovienence. Over the interviening period the J Edgars have leveled off the damaged section and built a fairly succesful hover port and garden plex where their neighbours formly lived. The Citi-Def though one of the smallest is highly trained (by Citi Def standards) and operates a network of undercover agents in the neighbouring blocks, with a particular eye to the Chaney-Gore block. When problems occur the J Edgar Citi Def are more likely to nip it in the bud with a few covert murders rather than risk being overwelmed in a block war. Almost everyone in the block has undergone some Citi Def training whilst in school or college, and if given time could raise a pretty large Citi-Def force to face a crisis. In recent years they have tried claimed a section of downtown as their own (known as the Gazza Strip). Crazes are frowned on but Batglidding, Bate-Buzzing and Shuggy are popular within the blocks

Kennedy-Monroe Block inc Lennon Luxuary Apts and The Sirhan-Manson Memorial Plaza (Kennon Shooters)
Typical of many blocks the Kennedy-Monroe block is a very modern building packed to the brim with citizens all at each others throats. It has one of the highest crime rates and is synominous with shootings and murders as its many juve gangs try to get one up on their rivals. Like many blocks these gangs soon put aside their differences to deal with outside trouble. Enemys include the J Edgar-Sharon Block. Almost every craze is pursued here

Barbra Windsor Block inc James park and Jakes Apts
(Babsbaps Saucers) Aka Carry On Block
Aka as Babs block, the residents of Barbarra Windsor block are among the norm of mega city one, except for their reputation for pranking. Crazes include Exposing and Saucing, along with the Sex Craze. Also Body Sculpting is very popular as is Retro fashions with many of the residents taking on the apperance of an one of the cast of a number of 1960-70 smutty or lewd comedy. Its Citi-Def look terrible in their fancy dress and are inept to the point of comedy.

The James Park is an old camping site (in more ways than one) but can be dangerous at night as the Babs Blockers try to sauce and expose all comers with their nightly shenagens. The Jakes Apts are a series of con-apt appartments specificially for Fatties.

Russ Meyer Block feat Kitty Navadid Lux Apts (Faster Killcats) -
A somewhat reclusive and unusual block the Russ Meyer block was home of the Women First movement, and remains its main bastion, sporting an entirely female citi-defence that are rekown for their big weapons and vicious nature in hand to hand combat. Russ Meyer is a unusual block, given to a much larger upper central floors than it sports at the base, leading many citizens to remark of surprise that Russ Meyer block hasn't fallen on its face. A criminal network runs throughout the block, purported to be lead by a woman known as 'the kitten', whos influence is suspected of corrupting the Russ Meyer Citi-Defence and the civic organisations. The gang is all female, and has support of such Juve Gangs as the 'Faster Clonecats', 'The Mud Honeys' and 'The Ultra-Vixens'. The block is largely hostile to outsiders and regularly creates problems for neighbouring blocks. A popular craze is the streak, and the streak and scrawl through a rival block is often part of a proving process, and or gang initiation. Russ Meyer block remains one of the most avid followers of the Bouncy craze.

Rattner Block and the Terror Mylenos Holiday Park (Davidson All Stars)- Cheap gold-esque cladding hides quite a run down block. Most inhabitants acquire an orangey tan colour to their skin, and wear far too much cheap jewellery. European and upper class accents are often affected, although the cheapness of these apartments means that in times of crises the inhabitant's natural course tones tend to emerge
main trade - jewellery shops

Burroughs - Thompson Block (Keroac Stealers) - by rights these inhabitants should have been dead long ago. Mainly inhabited by an assortment of writers, reporters and poets. The best (and most dangerous) parties in town. Justice Deptartment officals rate this as one of the most prolific blocks for substance abuse, and a large number of semi-legal firearms are held by its residents, under the Armageddon Charter Amendment. Gun crime however seems to be low, possibly to the general zonked out nature, and Justice Dept officals are quietly confident that a precident can be found to overturn the charter. Of note - the Serge Gainsburgh Con-Apt and Beat Hotel- Home to numerous euro ex-pats, many of whom are poets, artists and musicians who set their own trends, and live in an oddly psychodelic fluffy designed world all of their own.

Lorraine Kelly block feat Eamon Homes Slum Projects and Penny Smith Con-Apts and Hotel (Gooday Smilers)
Also known as the Plastic people. Kelly blockers are early risers, and unusually popular among other blockers, respected for the near obsession with the crazes of Fashion and Kitch, however the Eamon Homes slum project is one of the most violent and lawless places in MC-1, and its members are rarely tolerated outside of their own block. Organised Crime is belived to operate a series of illegal broadcast facilities within the block manufacturing all kinds of Tri-D but as yet the Justice Dept have yet to route out the main culprits. Blockers here seem obsessed with appearing on other blockers screeens, and those to whom the legal world of Tri-D is unavalible have been known to turn to the criminal world. The Citizens of the block are reknown for their bright and cheerful dispositions, though not their scintilating wit and wisdom. The Penny Smith Hotel is one of the first Clone Kitchz Retreats, where guests can indulge their every whim surrounded by the Kitchz TV stars of the late 20th Centuary. The Museum of Talking Heads is a popular attraction, comprising entirely of 'recovered celebrity heads' from the late 20th Centuary onwards.

Polanski Block featuring Tate-Manson Plaza (Goddard Watchmen)
The dark and forboding neighbour of George Romero, Polanski is the closest block the the great wall, and suffers from nightly disturbance of gun fire and wall hoppers. The Tate-Manson Plaza has become known as the cheapest place to live, due to its frequent zombie incursions, and has become home to most of the sectors bizzare groups and cults (Such as the Church of Cheapish Love, The Satanic Gruddites, The Sadie Atkins Athletic Templers and the Dead Girl Sect, though the weird and wonderful has created a number of great tourist industries of late (The First Church of the Apokolyptic Bikini Waxers and the Successionist Order of Free Lust are big attractions.....).

Rolph Harris Block featuring Alf Stuart Lux-Apt and Donovan-Minnow Memorial Park (The Flaming Roos)
An Oz citizen expat home from home, the Rolph Harris block is the most underpopulated block in the area, with only some 25,000 residents. The memorial park is also home to the rare species of Kangawhos, an intelligent marsupial from the planet Roo. This has become one of the few areas of successful alien intergration in the big Meg and often of a weekend the 'whos and and Rolph blockers like nothing more than to enjoy the sunshine and eat food cooked on huge outdoor grills, washed down with a pint of Synthi-nectar.

George Romero Block featuring Argento Place (Abandoned Zombie Block)
A desolate and cursed building, surrounded by a permanent citi-defence and Justice Dept cordon, Romero block remains on of the few areas with a huge zombie population, many gaining access to other parts of the city via the undercity and sewer systems. Suspicious lights and glows at night suggest the presence of a cultie group of dead worshipers having crept into the building. Others claim a mad psyker with a sabbat complex has take up residence within the building. The block is an offical no go zone, and anyone coming to or from this Necropolis can expect to spend 2 months in quarentine (Judge or not). If they had the man power they would risk entering the foundation zone and demolishing the block. The last attempt cost 6 judges their lives along with 30 citi-defence officers.

Other Areas of Note

Sector 21 Robert Searle University Block (The College Panthers) inc Newton Educ-Block
Those who excell at college get to go here, or to another sector university - with the best getting to go intercity for a years study. The Robert Searle University is the sectors prime higher educational centre with a cosmopolitian population made up of students from all over the big Meg. Many of them stay in the area, giving the zone an unusual feel as different crazes and fashions from all over the big meg are pursued. Several Juve gangs also exist inc The Jocks and the Differental Drummers. A private security firm under Justice Dept approval keep the area secure, although a tiny Stu-Defence force exists, made up of Students on defence courses.

Warehouse District and Harbour (and sleezy red light anything goes kind of place) - The notorious fixer known as Fat Sam makes his home here, trading from one of the warehouses on the old harbour. Fat Sam is not the cheapest (Buy one get another one for the same price) but he is well stocked. If Fat Sam hasn't got what you want, then you didn't really want it.

Adam Smith Corporation Place and Sector House
Home to several Mega corporations Towers and a business district/financial district. Many of the well-healed members of the corporations live here and the proximity of the Sector Justice Dept has long provided a good level of security against crime. Mobsters operate any number of scams, fronts and business from here, and like to keep a low Justice Dept profile, those who bring attention usually end up enjoying 'B+B, courtesy of Romero block'

The Hoover-Johnson Aeroport -

The Reclamation Zone (aka the pit and downtown - nasty)
Downtown. Home to the dispossed and the illegal. Mutants and even the occasional zombie can be found here, far away from justice departments eyes. Its the home of the dispossed, consisting of ruins left over from the previous city. Almost everything is for sale down here, at a affordable price - like someones life.

Some Places of Note

Bar Mitzah Cuts Nightclub and Smokatorium tower - near Nixon Block above Warehouse District - The hottest place in Sector to be seen
Chomskys Bar and Grill - Soliah Heights
Popular with students and the politically active, and home of the famous 'Rant Slam' contest
The Metal Guru Rotating Tower (Hotel, Nightclub and Eatery) - Georgie Best Block
A hotel that rotates, they guarentee no one gets a better view from their room.
Hot Slots (Pornorama and 'adult' entertainment centre inc Hotel) - Adjacent to Clinton-Lewinsky DP Block
Sticky, you will be.
Fattie Hardbuckles Supersize Eatery and Clothing Emporium (aka Fatties Place)
All you can eat, 1000 credits, for the discerning larger eater
The Pala de Boing 2 - Bounce Back (Gore-Chaney Block)
Boing away, or take part in one of the many boinging game nights (team and individual)
Swish Heights Hotel Complex (Corporation Place)
The height of luxuary the Megs first 6 star hotel
Bisleyland Theme Park (a dark and nasty kind of Disney) near Robert Searle Uni Block
Like Disney land, but instead designed by Simon Bisley expect Slayrides
Carny-Val Abandoned theme park (Reclamation Zone)
This years vital accessory being worn, a second gun.
Flashbacks Retroworld - Entertainment Park (Resort Complex offering the 'unique' experiences of the 1960's, 70's, 80's and 90's etc) near the Hoover Johnson Aeroport - Shake your thang to the sounds of your favorite era......... Courtesy of Petrov Flashback
HIV Recordings - Its Infectious - Sector 21's primary up and coming stars and recording industries. Artists include Missy TC, Jimmy and the Spugs and Icey-D. Rumours circulate that it has underworld connections..
Jugglers - Strip Bar and Grill - Reputed Organised Crime hangout and front, owned by Coneyholy capo Big Hands Tony Falsetto. Highlights include Nude dancers, Waitress service, comedy, music and the illustrious Mr Firenuts.......

Groups of Note

DFF - Democratic Fighting Front - One of MC-1s most prolific terrorist groups, the DFF have become a thorn in both the Democracy Now and Judical sides. The group appears to be well funded and organised, operating in small cells, many of which recieve money through the extortion of organised crime and gun running. The groups recently declared an end to its cease fire, and has begun operations, directed at the Justice Dept, Civic Organisations and Citi-Defence. Its intellectual leader Ally-Hans Koch is currently serving a life sentence for the assassination of Sector Chief Issad during the democracy campaign.

The Corney-Holy Crime Syndicate - The primary organised crime network of Sector 21 are reputed to be lead by the aged Don Don Corneyholy, and its operations span the entire sector. Big Hands Tony Falsetto, Big Boy Bernice, Michela Hammer, Vincent Valentino, Frank 'Speedy' Richards are all reputed to be Capos, along with the mysterious Jimmy the Fix and Jenny 'Catwoman' Ondeline. Other known associates include Big Sal L'Hal, Pretty Brit Boydd, little Johnny 'The Claw' Falsetto and Unluck Lucy Harno.

The Kitten - The mysterious crime queen of Russ Meyer block, her claws are starting to reach out into downtown and the sector in general, bringing her closer and closer to conflict with the Corney-Holy syndicate, as well as a number of smaller street operators. However her all girl gangs, including the lethal Mudhoneys and Faster Synthicats, are reknown for the ferocious nature.

Fat Sam - Anything you want, at my price, or no money back. Fat Sam is the major league premier fixer of sector 21, operating from a warehouse in the old dock area. Reputed to be prepaired to business with anyone as long as they don't ask a price, Sam is known as a fair dealer, selling primarily weapons and vehicles to anyone who has the folding stuff. No questions asked.

Remizinskis - One time members of the Umberto Baggio gang (now deceased), following the recent gang wars, the 4 Remizinski brothers have chosen to go it alone in the Soliah Heights Brainwipe rackets, bringing them into direct conflict with Michela Hammers gang, blood has already been spilt and the Justice Dept is keen to prevent an all out war.

Slick Bobby McGee and the Snakes - An old heist outfit operating out of downtown, that have recently got into the Brainwipe game on a large scale. Slick Bobby is reputed to have been behind the shotgun mutilation of Frank Speedy Richards daughter. Wanted by the Justice Dept for Racketering and murder, the snakes are a small but professional outfit, that are reputed to be backed by the Mudhoneys.[/b]