dredd movie


I don't think a Dredd movie should be all action though. I would love to see it produced by someone like Jerry Bruckheimer who has a huge back catalogue of great films which have a lot of action, but really good stories as well.

I'm not sure if she is right as Hershey or not, but since I love watching her in anything, Famke Janssen should be in the films somewhere :)

While I agree that Kingpin worked out, he wasn't the main character in the film... but I really don't think changing skin color would work for Dredd. Lawrence Fishbourne would, however, make an excellent Judge Giant.

I actually don't enjoy watching Chris Judge on screen. I'm only seen him in Stargate SG1 but find his presence more annoying than anything else. I don't watch the show a lot though.

I wonder if/when we'll actually get an official update from Rebellion on these movies. Perhaps you will find something out at DreddCon?


toothill man

please keep us informed of amy information could you also at dredd con please ask if there is any new slaine on the table that would be great old boy 8)


Clint Eastwood, could perhaps be senior Judge, one of the council or Judge Fargo himself.

Mick Jagger, Judge Death.