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Hi, am new to the boards and have a couple questions.
Are there any stats for the guys who wore the black armor, and are they a special unit? Also the prison guards/soldiers wore gray armor, does this exist anywhere for the RPG? Does Aspen penal colony exist?
gladiator-1 said:
Hi, am new to the boards and have a couple questions.
Are there any stats for the guys who wore the black armor, and are they a special unit? Also the prison guards/soldiers wore gray armor, does this exist anywhere for the RPG? Does Aspen penal colony exist?

Hi gladiator,
Welcome to the boards. Firstly the guys you are on about in the movie are the SJS (Special Judical Squads) the judges who pass judgement on other judges who are believed to be corrupt and details of these can be found on page 145 of the core Dredd rulebook. The judges in the game however have different armour than those found in the movie.

As for Aspen? Well there are numerous penal colonies and Justice Department work farms in the Cursed Earth, but the place that bent judges are sent to is the prison moon of Titan, where they are often surgically adapted to survive the harsh conditions.

The reason Aspen was chosen over Titan in the movie was more down to budget than anything, but it is of course up to you as a GM if you want to treat the movie as cannon.

I think the movie had some great moments however probably do to budget it didn't maybe live up to what it could have? I still liked it but would really like to see another movie made.
I reckon that if you treated it purely as a sci-fi movie, it wasn't too bad. A bit camp, in places, but not totally execrable. If it had been called "Future Cops" and the word Judge or Megacity was never mentioned, everybody would have enjoyed it.

But hoardes of fans went in, not unreasonably wanting a faithful Judge Dredd movie, and they were sorely disappointed. There were so many things wrong with it that any Dredd fan worth his salt could make a list longer than the film script...

An entertaining enough film, but a serious waste of a licence.
Oh granted but I mean I think that is the problem (at that time) that superhero/comicbook based movies were not really given maybe the attention they are starting to get now? But it would be cool to see another Judge Dredd movie done and taking the time to really fill in the details and maybe even make it a trilogy and deal with Judge Death and gang?

But who knows?
That'd be totally awesome! Throw out Stallone and put in another actor and it'd be great. Put in some more scenes when they leave Earth or other dimensions like in the comic book, and make sure Dredd's helmet always stays on!

-Steel Rabbit
Mayhem said:
I wonder if Clint is now too old to play the lead...

Well Clint is almost 70 and Dredd is 60-62 depending on which comic you read, so Cints far to old, but then again Sean Connery played Alan Quartermain in League last year so why not.

I personally would go with mostly newbloods as far as actors are concerned so much so that you find folks that look alot like them or close enough to pass and then maybe the odd well named actor/actress for maybe certain characters but a new assemble of fresh faces would be great.

But that is a great thing to think about is who would you cast in a new Judge Dredd movie (if it was going to be made?)
I'd rather see it done as an animated movie, rather than have to deal with the horrible tat that was pushed out last time (Stallone movie shite). As far as I am concerned 'Hollywood' exists mearly as a system by which art is trivialised into the highest commerical gains. I'd be happier if such a movie was never made, all things being equal...

Its the worst kind of cheapness, the Movie conversion from another source (though sometimes they work), because the film can only be a superfical representation of the original.

And before anyone starts hailing the Great Lord of the Rings, I recommend you read the books and ask yourself why they were considered the 'book of the centuary', where as the films are mearly the special effects budget of the centuary! :x
hassanisabbah said:
I'd rather see it done as an animated movie...

Animated?! bah! Blech!

If there are more movies set in the Dredd universe, it had better be live-action, or I'm not going to bother to watch em. Just my two cents worth.
Ok do a live-action movie from a smaller production company with Hugh Jackman (X-Men's Wolverine) as the star.

Ideas? Thoughts? Comments?
It would be even cool if it could be done as a regular television series or tv movies with a great budget behind it and toss it on Space Network (Canada) or SCI-FI or whatever other channel would put it on? Who knows I mean series like Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek , Babylon 5, Farscape did well? You never know? :D
LOL! No, actually he did a very good job of portraying Wolverine in X-Men 1 & 2! At least, in my opinion. And I am stoked about abot VanHelsing! As far as I am seeing the previews right now, it looks entirely like a fresh new take on the VanHelsing character concept. And the grapics make me feel giddy all over. Smeg, am I looking forward to it!
I reckon he'd make a much better Slaine, mind.... Forget the new Conan movie, a Slaine one would be far better, especially with Simon Bisley for Storyboards and direction by Anderw Lau :twisted:

My two-pence worth, Judge Dredd should be played by Lawrence Fishbone. I know, but can you you think of anyone more suited :shock:

but then I'd want Jean-Luc Goddard to direct it.. ( :lol: )
have had acouple of people in mind for Dredd.....

Ron Pearlman, espeically since I seen him as Hellboy with a chin prothesis that looks similar to Dred's.

The other is Clancy Brown. You know Kurgon from 'Highlander' and as Sergeant Zim from 'StarshipTroopers'

Clint Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry' might have been a inspiration for Dredd also.

On the subject of the "Dredd' movie that was made in the mid-ninties. I'm now referring to the scene where he rides his Lawmaster up a roadway into the foreground and parks it with the mega city scape in background, (as the camera pulls back, just before the ending credits begin.) reminds me of the very last panel of Slaine on his horse( Or standing next to his horse.) with the wilderness in background taken from Odacon, Slaine: Book of Invasions. Yes, their two different characters, but you can't ignore the fact that the basic composition is very similar.

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Ron Pearlman and Clancy Brown are two of the fan favourites for the title of Ol Stoney Face, and both are excellent actors in their own rights. I don't know about Lawrence Fishbourne though as although he is an excellent actor (perhaps with the exception of the last two Matrix movies, in which he is very wooden), I dont think that he could carry it off.

I know that some will say 'but hes black!' Well that didnt make a bit of difference when Michael Clark Duncan played Kingpin in the Daredevil movie and he was excellent. But if any black actor was to be cast it would have to be Chris Judge who plays the rebel Jafa T'eac in Stargate SG1, and beleive it or not he was actually in the running last year for the new movie.

Clint Eastwood is old enough to play Dredd as he is right now but I dont think that he would be in good enough health these days.

As for director? Well lots of names have been thrown around, from Paul Verhoven (Robocop, Starship Troopers; yes that one!), Tony Scott (Top Gun), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), Guimo Del Torro (Blade 2, Chronos and Hellboy) and many others. Personally I think that it would be best handed to someone with the right experience of action movies made from licenses, even Paul WS Anderson (Resident Evil) has his merits that would be of value to a Dredd movie.

So anyone have a dream cast?