Drazi Episodes


Does anyone know if there's already a list of Episodes in which Drazi play any role?

I'm asking because yesterday we made our characters and I am playing a Drazi (and a Drazi telepath to add ;) ) and now want to review my DVDs (Season 1-3, 4 coming in April) for those episodes to "get into character".
I like in season 4 when Sheriden and Londo play up the Drazi ambassador's paranoia and gets him to bring the League to agree they need patrols without telling them they need it.

Poor ambassador. :)

And Green vs Purple is the sole reason I want to always play Drazi.
An interesting race indeed.
if you are ever playing aginst the Drazi, always kick them in the left armpit, that`s where they keep their family jewels. :? :shock: :shock: :wink:

It`s also a handy place for the Drazi to keep small valuable items like data crystals, that piece of info comes from the B5 TV movie "A Call To Arms".
Not sure where you live, but in the US Season 4 is already out and it’s season 5 that’s coming in April.

Here’s all the major eps I could think of. (Well, with a little help form the Lurker’s Guide)

Season 2
The Geometry of Shadows

The big Drazi ep. Already mentioned.

Season 3
Some Drazi missionaries are featured early in the episode.

Season 4

The Summoning
The Drazi ambassador speaks out against Delenn’s plan.

Rumors, Bargains and Lies
The Drazi ambassador is tricked into helping form a defensive alliance.

Intersections in Real Time
A Drazi is used to try and force a confession out of Sheridan.

Season 5

The Paragon of Animals
The Drazi are revealed as the supporters of a raider group.

Movements of Fire and Shadow
The Drazi and Narn attack Centauri Prime.
The short form with the Drazi is might makes right, if your stronger than the other guy than you should be more important in Drazi society. Now having said that they're not stupid, they realize other races don't think the same way they do and they'll either push them around some or give them a wide berth (examples could be a human and minbari in that order). Although more than likely if they like someone they won't beat him (or her) up as much.

It's not "Hi how you doing. *SMACK* How are things? *BLAM*" nothing like that usually.
ThatOneGuy said:
Not sure where you live, but in the US Season 4 is already out and it?s season 5 that?s coming in April.
Here in Germany the 4th Season is coming out in April. But as a tradeoff I got all boxes so far for 30-40 EUR per Season...
They are very close in value. Close enough for most purposes they can be considered equivalent. So that’s $30-$40 essentially.
it works out at $37.50 - $50.00 US or £20- £27 UK. :wink:

this site does the conversion for you, used it for years: http://www.xe.net/ucc/ very handy.
I want to know where everyone is shopping cause here (USA) Everyone is selling the box set Seasons for $99.95 US dollars.

I'm sorry you can't use Walmart...more savings for me! *ka-ching*

Would it also bother you that I buy all WotC, White Wolf, and Mongoose
from Walmart to get them cheap?