DR vs. Sneak Attack


This might have been posted before but I couldn't find it. Is Sneak Attack Damage affected by Damage Reduction of Armour or creatures?

For example a bow is used (not using Ranged Finesse) as a sneak attack and does 2 points of damage + an additional 2D6 of sneak attack equally 8 points. The Armor Piercing does not beat the Leather Jerkins DR of 4.

Does the individual take 6 points of damage (lowering the damage by 2 and the sneak attack damage by 2) or does he take 8 points of damage from the sneak attack but none due to the DR completely absorbing the weapon damage?


Hope this helps:

1. Calculate the amount of damage dealt, including sneak attack damage.

2. Compare AP of weapon to the DR of the armor

3. If the AP does not meet or beat the DR, subtract the full DR from the damage dealt; if the AP meets or beats the DR, subtract 1/2 the DR from the damage dealt.


One further kink to that method, which is right on the money, is that Thieves use many weapons which qualify for Finesse attacks which using thier Sneak Attack ability. The only difference then is:

A) Roll to hit. If the roll exceeds the DV of the target by a value equal to or greater than the target's DR worn, then the Finesses Attack succeeds.

For Example, the target's DV is 23 and he is wearing DR4 armor. Any roll to hit that is 27 or higher with a Finesse weapon is a successful Finesse attack.

B) Deduct NO damage due to armor DR as successful Finesse Attacks ignore DR completely.