Does anyone else think the Demos is way underpowered?

Is the Demos underpowered

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The new Demos in SFoS is barely an improvement on the Vorchan
the weapons on it are really short ranged and not enough AD
The Ballistic Torpedoes need way more than 15" range or i would take 2 Vorchans instead

Does anyone who has SFoS agree with me or not?


The Demos is inferior to the Darkner in most respects:

No fighters, considerably less damage & crew, same speed, same hull, and markedly inferior in both range and AD. Hardly the stats of a Raid ship. IMHO, the weapons are fair - a tad short ranged, but at least fairly high-damage - it's the low durability of the ship that makes the Dargan and Centurion markedly superior. Where, exactly, in the Centauri battle line is the Demos expected to fit?

Good job pointing that out, BTW, I'd missed it.


when i first looked at it i thought it was quite good but now i have more time i started comparing to other Raid level ships and noticed that is almost the worst Raid level ship even compared to the other races
Is it true that the Centauri flying coffin aka the Centurion is being upped to a raid level in SFOS?

Have it's stats improved any? As this has to be the most worthless widow maker in the fleet at Skirmish level and now it's gonbe up to raid?!!! :roll:


actually the Centurion is actually quite a good Raid Level Ship
it has had its stats massivly increased (but its quite not the best option)
whereas the Centurion varient, the Prefect is awful and barely deserves to be at Raid level (still it deserves to be there more than the Demos at the moment)