Deepnight Endeavour: same characters for Revelation?


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Hello all

Just wondered if Travellers can do Deepnight Endeavour and then do the Deepnight Revelation campaign? Or is it better for them to start with Deepnight Legacy?

I read that the Deepnight Endeavour adventure is set several sectors away but I'm guessing that it could be moved?
I moved it so that they go straight from Legacy to Endeavour - i.e. they encounter the Endeavour on a fuel stop on their return trip from Legacy, and need to deal with it to get fuel to make their next jump. There are lots of implications, which may change how it plays out a lot. But that's ok.

I've thought through that question and it makes perfect sense that Endeavour could give them a different treatment option, and maybe some other characters that could join Revelation, if they can bring them home alive.

My players have the idea to put all the survivors they can find into their cargo hold and ship them home, which RAW is technically possible, but we are looking at some severe life support overload, so I am not sure how to handle that since there are no rules. Food is not a problem - they have the supplies which they were supposed to deliver - but how would life support cope with 5 - 10 times the rated number of people in the ship?
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I wrote up some special character creation rules for the Deepnight Revelation in JTAS #7. In there I suggest running half of your group through Deepnight Legacy and the other half through Deepnight Endeavor. The Imperium recruits Travellers from both groups for the extended voyage. The two groups of players come together not knowing what happened to the other group and possibly making different assumptions about the nature of the threat.
I ran both scenarios with a split group of players. I used time jumps for both groups to have them start the main campaign.

I set the Candling Station adventure earlier in the timeline; it was the incident that alerted the Imperium to the Entity. When Legacy wrapped up, the Navy already knew about the bigger picture and strongly suggested the characters apply for jobs with Deepnight Exploration.