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The Warlord

So, I'm spoiled by Across the Thunder River. That book just drips with atmosphere and relevant, usable information to really flesh out the Picts.

Any chance we can get a book similar to a Monster Manual, detailing the horrors of the Hyborian age in the manner of AtTR? I understand that monsters in hyboria should be treated much differently than those of most other fantasy worlds, but we're only given bare-bones on 'em so far. A few of the creatures have only two or three brief paragraphs. Heck, I'm still confused on the Spawn of Daggoth Hill, and how to explain a PC with the feat. lol.

I'd love maybe a softcover book, pdfs, or something giving a page or two detailing the creatures and maybe 2-3 adventure seeds at the bottom. I'd like to have a little more to go on than describing (most of) the creatures as an ape-like man, green-slimey man, dry-withered man, etc. Just a little more to really bring the terror to life.

Conan players now know the power of the Pictish Tribes. Let's make the monsters more terrifying than just a terror check.
Now we're talking. This is something that I would deffinately like to see. Check out the Post "Monster Types (Undead).

I would love to see what can and cant affect creatures just like what other OGL's use.
I posted a thread about this over in the What should Mongoose publish next board. There are some great ideas in there from several different people.