[CONAN] The Journey of Cian McDowd

...a solo game report...


Cian McDowd
2nd level Barbarian

Race: Cimmerian
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Handedness: Right

STR: 16 (+3)
DEX: 15 (+2)
CON: 9 (-1)
INT: 10
WIS: 11
CHA: 8 (-1)

HP: 16
Fate: 3
XP: 1,000

Parry: AC 13
Parry with Shield: AC 16

Dodge: AC 13
Ranged Dodge with Shield: AC 16

Bracers = DR 1
Bracers + Helm = DR 2 (As pictured above)

Mantle = DR 2
Mantle + Helm = DR 3

Winter Clothing = DR 3 (+7 Max DEX)
Winter Clothing + Helm = DR 4 (+7 Max DEX)

Mail Hauberk = DR 6 (+3 Max DEX, -4 Armor Check Penalty)
Mail Hauberk + Helm = DR 7 (+3 Max DEX, -4 Armor Check Penalty)

Initiative: +5
Fort: +2
Ref: +5
Will: +4 (+6 vs. Fear) (+7 vs. Corruption)

BAB: +2
Melee: +5
Finesse: +4
Ranged: +4

Speed: 30 ft. (25 ft. when wearing hauberk)

Code of Honor: Barbarian
Allegiance: Blue Fox Clan = +2 CHA check bonus
Base Reputation: 3
1st Level Deed: +1 Reputation - Left Ox Clan for Blue Fox Clan
Social Standing (Barbarian): +0 Reputation
Current Reputation: 4 = +0 Reputation based checks

LANGUAGES*: Cimmerian (native), Nordheimer, Aqualonian, Pictish, Hyperborean.

*This character is not literate in any of these languages. Literacy can be obtained at no cost to the character except for time needed to learn to read and write and an effort on the part of the character. Literacy actions are governed by the GM.

PROFECIENCY FEATS: Simple Weapon Proficiency (All), Martial Weapon Proficiency (All), Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Shield Proficiency.

BARBARIAN FEATS: Track, Two-Weapon Combat.

1st LEVEL FEAT: Toughness

**This Feat is taken from The Barbaric Warrior supplement. It allows the character to use the Fighting Defensively routine at a -2 attack modifier instead of the standard -4 penalty.

BARBARIAN CLASS ABILITIES: Fearless, Versatility, Bite Sword, Crimson Mist.

20 skill points: 3 Climb, 1 Craft (Carpenter), 4 Listen, 1 Handle Animal, 1 Hide, 1 Move Silently, 1 Profession (Lumberjack), 1 Ride, 4 Spot, 3 Survival.

-1 Bluff (-3 verbally based)
+10 Climb
+0 Craft (Herbal)

+0 Craft (any mundane)
+1 Craft (Carpenter)
+4 Listen (+6 in native terrain)

+0 Handle Animal (Trained)
+3 Hide (+5 in native terrain)
-1 Intimidate

+3 Jump
+3 Move Silently (+5 in native terrain)
-1 Perform

+1 Profession (Lumberjack) (Trained)
+3 Ride
+4 Spot (+6 in native terrain)

+5 Survival (+7 in native terrain)
+3 Swim


+0 Appraise
+2 Balance
-1 Concentration

+0 Craft (Alchemy)
+0 Decipher Script (Not Trained)
+0 Disable Device (Not Trained)

-3 Diplomacy
-1 Disguise
+2 Escape Artist

+0 Forgery
-1 Gather Information
+0 Heal

+2 Knowledge (Local - Blue Foxlands of Cimmeria) (Trained)
+2 Knowledge (Nature) (Not Trained)
+0 Knowledge (various Knowledge skills) (Not Trained)

+2 Open Lock (Not Trained)
+0 Search
+0 Sense Motive

+0 Slight of Hand
+2 Tumble (Not Trained)
+2 Use Rope

NOTES: At 3rd level, look at obtaining the Great Fortitude Feat to boost his FORT save. Look at non-trained skills. At 4th level, as Cian gains a +1 bonus to any attribute of his choice, look at placing that in CON and gaining +4 hit points retroactively.


On the journey from Seven Stones Ridge to Ansuz, Cian wears heavy leather breeks, deerskin boots, and fur leg wraps beneath a heavy cloth winter kilt. Up top, he wears a long sleeved cotton liene (billowy shirt) and a rough spun (rough outer garment used to hold heat) plus a wool scarf. Around his shoulders, he wears his heavy bear skin mantle (heavy cloak).

Bound up in this winter kit, Cian wears the equivalent armor of a Quilted Jerkin, but Cian will store various articles in Stormhoof's saddlebags (and thus, removing the armor protection) as his comfort level allows. The mantle, alone, though will serve as some protection. Protection derived from clothing does not stack with actual armor pieces. See the Armor section in the stat block above.

All clothing items are High Quality (Craft DC 15 to create/repair) except for the mantle, which is of Superior Quality (DC 20 to create/repair). See the clothing rules on page 3 of Tito's Trading Post.

Miscellaneous clothing items include: Breek and weapon belts. Cloth loinclout.

01.0 lb. Leather Breeks
01.0 lb. Boots
00.5 lb. Leg Wraps
00.5 lb. Winter Kilt
----- lb. Liene
----- lb. Rough Spun
----- lb. Scarf
03.0 lb. Mantle
00.5 lb. Belt
01.0 lb. Weapon Belt
----- lb. Loin Cloth


The Aesir of Ansuz gifted Cian with kingly prizes for his aid during the long winter. Cian was given a mail hauberk, albeit dented, scratched, and repaired. The set fits well Cian's shape. And, the young warrior was proffered a new Asgardian horned steel helm. See the Armor section of the stat block above.

When Cian became clansmen to the Blue Fox, he chipped a piece of stone from one of the teeth of the prachaun grule--the ancient circle of seven monolithic stones that gives the Foxman clanholme its name. This, he shaped into the image of a tooth. With a piece of gut leather, he hung it around his neck for all to see. As an animal bears it's teeth when it fights, so now would Cian, with a tooth of stone carved from ancient and sacred rock. When the Aesir presented Cian with the new helm, he had the stone tooth fashioned to a ring that hangs from the left side of the helmet. No longer would the tooth be hidden under heavy clothing or armor. All would see it when he donned the helm and entered battle. See the illustration of Cian at the top of this post.

Note that Cian will not always wear this armor, especially the hauberk. The mail sits heavily upon his shoulders causing fatiuge. See the rule on page 41 of Tito's Trading Post. The armor is just as likely to be carried on the back of Stonehoof as it is to be on Cian's back.

The only piece of true armor that Cian brought with him from his clanholme is the wooden targe for which he bartered just before leaving Seven Stones. If not on Cian's left arm or slung over his shoulder, the shield will be found hanging from Stonehoof's saddlehorn.

Cian wears leather bracers on his wrists. These serve as armor (see the piecemeal armor rules in either the Barbaric Warrior or Barbaric Treasures supplements) but can only be combined with other piecemeal armor items. See the Armor section in the stat block above.

35.0 lb. Mail Hauberk
03.0 lb. Steel Cap
04.0 lb. Targe
----- lb. Bracers


As the Foxmen set off from Seven Stones, Hrathnar shoved a long, heavy war spear into Cian's hands. When needed, he was to use it to punch at the snow to ensure footing. When not in Cian's hands, it can be found strapped to Stonehoof's flank.

War Spear: 1d10 Damage. x3 Critical. AP 2. Hard 7. HP 4. Reach/Finesse Weapon. Simple Two-Handed Melee Piercing Weapon.

Cian's man weapon is an old, well-used broadsword that he's had almost as long as he's been a warrior. It's a no-frills, soldier's weapon that Cian took from dead fingers in the aftermath of his first large battle. Though plain, the weapon is strong, keen, and quite capable. There is no doubt that this is a warrior's weapon meant for the single purpose of slaying foes. During the cold months, Cian uses a rabbit lined scabbard that prevents snags when drawing the weapon in extreme cold.

Broadsword: 1d10 Damage. 19-20/x2 Critical. AP 3. Hard 10. HP 5. Finesse Weapon if wielded two-handed. Martial One-Handed Melee Slashing Weapon.

Cian still carries the first real weapon he acquired as a child, long before he became a warrior. After his 4th winter, Cian's father gave him an antler-handled dirk. Today, Cian still frequently uses it as a utility knife and off-hand weapon. It is not balanced to be thrown. The dirk can always be found on Cian's person, usually in its scabbard at Cian's waist. The Cimmerian Dirk can be found in S&P.

Cimmerian Dirk: 1d6 Damage. 19-20/x2 Critical. AP 2. Hard 10. HP 2. Finesse Weapon. Simple Light Melee Piercing Weapon.

The sacred number 3 pervades Cimmerian life. Cimmerians believe that the human soul and spirit resides in the combination of earth, water, and sky. The raiding, planting, harvesting, and winter seasons are each made up of three months time. A traditional family unit is made up of husband, wife, and children. Cimmerian warriors are taught to keep three instruments of war on their person at all times: A helm, a shield, and a sword; or an Axe, dirk, and bracers; or a greatsword, helm, and jerkin; etc. At age 12, young Cimmerians endure intense training regimens over three years before proving themselves to be adult warriors at age 15. The triskel, a three leafed spiral design is common in Cimmerian art and armor/weapon etching, and so on.

The Aesir of Ansuz honored the clansmen from Seven Stones Ridge by displaying their knowledge of Cimmerian ways and presenting each of their guests with three gifts. Cian was given the new helmet, to keep his mind, the mail hauberk, to keep his heart, and a finely balanced axe to dispense his wrath and keep his body. This weapon is carried with its handle through a metal hoop fastened to Cian's weapon belt.

Axe: 1d8 Damage. x3 Critical. AP 1. Range Increment: 10 ft. Hard 5. HP 3. Finesse Weapon. Martial Light Melee Slashing Weapon.

05.0 lb. War Spear
02.5 lb. Broadsword
02.0 lb. Cimmerian Dirk
02.0 lb. Axe


Cian's mantle features three inside pockets. He doesn't usually put anything in them as he's learned that any substantial weight throws his cloak askew. But, he does carry some flint and steel, and some fire starter made of dried brush, hemp, and horse hair. The weight of the cloak is much more substantial than all of these things combined (although there's plenty of room left in these pockets should he ever need them).



On his belt (not his weapon belt) hangs a single pouch. In this, he carries a whetstone.

Either draped across his torso or his saddle horn is a waterskin.

----- lb. Flint and Steel (in mantle inside pocket)
----- lb. Firestarter (in mantle inside pocket)
00.5 lb. Belt Pouch (on breeks belt)
01.0 lb. Whetstone (in belt pouch)
04.2 lb. Waterskin (water weighs about 8.5 lb. per gallon)

Cian owns a horse, and he's one of the few warriors among the Foxmen to ride. Stonehoof is a shaggy, brown and white Nordheimer Warhorse prized after Vanir raiders were vanquished 16 years ago. Dowd, Cian's father, gave the horse to Cian on the young warrior's naming day. When a lumberjack among the Ox clan, Cian used the horse to pull downed logs to the river. When Cian left the Ox to join the Blue Fox, Stonehoof came with him as one of his possessions.

The horse, today, is showing its age, but Cian knows that old Stonehoof horse has several good years left in him.

Items carried on horse include: A fur bedroll, rolled up and tied behind the saddle; Hemp Rope, rolled and hung from the saddle horn; bit and bridle; saddle; and saddle pack. As mentioned above, at times the war spear, targe, waterskin, mail hauberk, and clothing not currently worn can be strapped to the horse as well.

Right Side Saddle Pack: Here, Cian carries an iron pot, a water costrel of vinegar, a wrap of spices, a cooking ladle, and a cooking fork.

Left Side Saddle Pack: Where Cian carries healing supplies. Life in the wilderness of Cimmeria can be quite harsh. Carried is a Healer's Kit, a cloth wrapped one pound mass of Healer's Pitch, a leathern tube of Healer's Balm, and a single rolled bandage that is gummed with paste of Acacia seeds. In addition, the pack holds a cloth wrapped one pound block of lye soap, and coarse cotton thread wrapped around a cork spool with a sewing needle pressed into one end of the cork.

Two hessian sacks, tied together with a short length of hemp rope, holds 7 days worth of trail rations. The rations include: Jerky; Salted Meat; Dried Fish; Dried Fruit; Dried Vegitables; Nuts; Oatcakes; Biscuts; Cheese; and long lasting vegitables like Potatoes. Note that one pound of food per day is the minimum amount any adult reqires. Cian will still travel at half speed and use the "Get Along In The Wild" function of his Surival skill to supplement his meals. He must also use the skill to find food and water for Stonehoof.

05.0 lb. Bedroll
10.0 lb. Hemp Rope 50'
01.0 lb. Bit & Bridle
25.0 lb. Saddle
15.0 lb. Saddlepack
02.0 lb. Iron Pot
02.0 lb. Water Costrel (Vinegar)
00.2 lb. Spices (30 uses)
00.2 lb. Cooking Ladle
00.2 lb. Cooking Fork
01.0 lb. Healer's Kit (10 uses)
01.0 lb. Healer's Pitch (10 uses)
01.0 lb. Healer's Balm (10 uses)
----- lb. Gummed Bandage (Arcacia Herb Paste) (1 use)
01.0 lb. Soap
----- lb. Sewing Needle and Thread
01.0 lb. 2 Sacks
07.0 lb. Trail Rations (7 days)


Aging Nordheimer Warhorse
3 HD Large Animal

Climate/Terrain: Mountains, Frozen Plains
Organization: Domesticated

Initiative: +3
Senses: Listen +4, Spot +4, low-light vision, scent

Dodge: AC 12
DR: 2
HP: 32

Fort: +6
Ref: +5
Will: +2

Speed: 60 ft.

Full Attack: 2 hooves +4 (1d6+3, AP--) and bite +5 (1d4+3, AP--)

Space/Reach: 10 ft./ 5 ft.
Base Attack: +2
Grapple: +2

STR: 17 (+3)
DEX: 11
CON: 20 (+5)
INT: 2 (-4)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 6 (-2)

FEATS: Endurance, Great Fortitude

SKILLS: +4 Climb, +4 Jump

Carrying Capacity: Light load = 0-349 lbs., Medium load = 350-700 lbs., Heavy load = 701-1100 lbs. Drag = 0-5000 lbs.
I'm recording the adventures I'm about to have with Cian McDowd in this thread (for those of you who enjoy reading game reports). One of my players in my usual campaign is down, going through open heart surgery to replace a valve on Wednesday. While we're waiting for him to return, I thought it might be neat to play through a solo adventure with a new character. I'll probably end up adding this guy to my campaign, anyway. This just put more backstory on the character.

While we're waiting for me to record my adventures with him, feel free to nab Cian McDowd (above) for your own game--that is if you can use an insanely detailed NPC in your game.
Liked everything although the horse seems a little excessive. Jjust too much of a liability (and costly beast) to have in Cimmeria.
Spectator said:
Liked everything although the horse seems a little excessive. Jjust too much of a liability (and costly beast) to have in Cimmeria.

It's a long journey Cian is about to attempt, from Asgard, south over the Eiglophians, back into the foothills in north-central Cimmeria, where lies Seven Stones Ridge. Heck, the horse might not make it!

Besides, I haven't yet used horses in my campaign, and I wanted to become familiar with the rules. I had to change some things on Cian's sheet to accomodate. For example, I had to put a point into Handle Animal in order to train Cian so that he'd have a chance of making those rolls to take care of the horse! I can tell you, he's like Conan--not that good at taking care of his horses! I'm still thinking, before I start, to go back and take a point from Ride and give it to Handle Animal, making Cian +2 Ride and +1 Handle Animal. If he reaches 3rd level, and the Stonehoof survives the adventure, I might give him a Feat that boosts Handle Animal (maybe Skill Focus) to take care of the poor beast.

We'll see how it goes!

BTW, there are only a total of four horses in the entire clan! Hrathnar owns the other three while Cian owns Stonehoof.

EDIT: No, I think he'll be OK on the Handle Animal. He can Take 10 on the DC 10 check to spend an hour a day taking care of the horse.

2nd EDIT: I did add a 50' Hemp Rope to the above.

My name is Cian McDowd, and I am a warrior of the Blue Fox clan. We are mountain people, scratching a living from the cold, hard earth at the base of the Eiglophians. Have you heard of Seven Stones Ridge? You have? Yes, my clanholme lies in the foothills of north-central Cimmeria. The village grew up around the Duncohr forge. We sometimes trade our steel just as the Grath proffer their fish and the clan of the Ox barters its lumber. But, we're not miners. Noesir. We don't dig in the earth.

It is for this reason that I have traveled 75 days journey into baren bleakness most call Nordheim. The mines of Ansuz are known to the smiths for the purity of its product. Two or three generations past, the Duncohrs made an agreement with those miners. Ever since that day, the Aesir traders make a yearly trek to Seven Stones Ridge laden with carts of raw ore. On their return, their load is of finished steel and iron goods ordered the year before. Every one in three years, the Foxmen send a party to the Aesir village in order to keep the alliance strong. This is the year of three. Just after the Lughnasa, Hrathnar led us out of the foothills while the rest of our kinsmen toiled with the harvest. Through the pass, we went, the four of us, on horseback, to the north side of the mountain.

Dahkus and Brial completed the party. We wintered with the yellowhairs, but when it came time to depart, I told Hrathnar that I would stay, for a bit. He held my gaze for a long moment, then simply agreed.

He understood.

Both Dahkus and Brial exploded with protests. Neither liked me much. But, Hrathnar just held up his hand. That's all it took to silence them. There was no reason to keep arguing the point. The decision was made.