Conan Technology

One type of iron I would limit or even not allow is cast iron. I would also make steel very inconsistant and of various hardnesses depending on where it was made due to the result of luck on who uses more charcoal when smelting the iron. We can make the Hyborian cultures ignorant of the process or a closely guarded secret of a few "ironmongers." Another possibility is to limit the availability of iron ore to a few places. Perhaps the next ice age or catastrophe, uncovers more for us?

Is bronze much known to Hyborians? Maybe just copper work. I don't recall if bronze was mentioned much in any of the Conan tales. I know copper is.

In my Hyborian world, iron can be found in most places of the north, but down in the south and east, it is less available. Koth produces the most iron followed by Corrinthia and Ophir. The mountains between Aquilonia and Nemedia have several iron ore deposits. The Cimmerians have ample supplies, but produce lower quality steel. The best steel comes from Akbitana in Shem, but they get the iron ore from Khoraja mines. In the east, iron ore comes from Kusan. And that's what I made up so far. Not sure that's very correct, but I have to start somewhere.
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