Conan RPG interior art: gallery update


Hi all,
I've updated my RPG art Gallery, there are three new Conan books: Messantia, Aquilonia and Barbarians,Borderers & Nomads. You can visit the galleries here. I hope you like it.

Un saludo
Nice work!
I've really enjoyed your art in the Conan books, and your website has an awesome design!

Thanks for sharing your craft!
many thanks Alejandro.
i've looked thru all your galleries. u are a good artist! 8)
some of my faves are your..
skeleton warriors
water dragon
dog in giants skull :)
i hope mongoose use much more of your art in future. u are clearly 1 of their best artists.
[ i was very disappointed with most of the other art in the conan core book 1. over 75% of it was poor, wimpy, pathetic, + even some 'childish garbage'!?!
if u had done all the artwork i would be content. ]

so keep up the good work.
kisses from a buxom artists model ***
Thanks a lot, I think I have done my best works at mongoose, and Richard keep me as busy as I can be.
One tip, The dog at the giant skull is my dog "Xena la princesa guerrera".
Un saludo