Conan RPG Future Schedule


Awhile back we were given a advance peek at the 2006 schedule for the Conan RPG releases. Are the following products still on schedule?

Stygiaures (is this the title or is it just Stygia?)

Faith & Fervour
Ruins of Hyboria

Argos & Zingara

Hyborian Empires


Plus, we were told to be ready for a lot of adventures. Here's hoping things are moving along as scheduled - I'm hoping for a wicked cool siege adventure. 8)

Any bone you can throw us fans on the accuracy of the schedule? Thanks!
Other than the two items mentioned by Urdinaran, I haven't a clue. I'm sure we'll see several other products for Conan this year besides those :eek:
urdinaran said:
Here is what is expected in the coming months:

Apr 2006: Tito's Trading Post (Conan)

May 2006: Stygia (Conan)

Yes, I know about those - but my question was about the other titles that are on the list and any changes to the schedule that was presented to us back in '05. Obviously Tito's was added - any other additions or subtractions Mongoose?

Any comment about the schedule in general - should it be scrapped?

Us fans would like to know 8)
With titles appearing and disappearing, I don't hold my breath. Their listings are as stable and believable as a Saharan mirage.
I hope things are stable, the "Ruins of Hyboria" would be awesome...

I too would like to know how accurate this schedule still might be... :?:
If you type 'conan' into the search engine on the main site, you will get a full list of current and scheduled books up until December.