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Here is a listing I have compiled while preping to run a Conan game for my gaming group. I put the information together sorted by geography so that I would have a good idea what was about depending on where the PCs head and where the flow of the game/story takes them. Besides just the straight adventures it also lists locations that have write ups on them as well as articles that are oriented towards the various locations (S&P). Perhaps it will be of some use to others who are still adventuring in the Hyborian Age!

Heretics of Tarantia (Aquilonia: Tarantia)
Faith and Blood (Aquilonia: Tarantia – SP82)
Defending the West (Aquilonia: Westermarck – Thunder River)
Danger in the Westermarck (Aquilonia: Westermarck – Compendium)
Trial of Blood (Aquilonia: Tarantia – Trial of Blood Campaign)

Vengeance of the Golden Skull (Argos: Messantia – boxed set)
Bitter Oranges (Argos/Zingara – SP73)
Hunting the Falcon (Agros: Messantia – SP75)
Scroll of Tsothemenes (Argos: Messantia – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – City of the Ghouls (Argos/Zingara – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Gladiators of Messantia (SP38)

Black Kingdoms
Shroud Over Zebhela (Kush: Zebhela – Black Kingdoms)
The Ruins of Atlaia (Atlaia - Black Kingdoms)
The Red Citadel (Wadai: Aurik - Black Kingdoms)
The Children of Jullah (Kush: Zebhela – Compendium)
Kingdom of Apes – (Kush: Lumba – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location - Xuthal (Kush – SP29)
Location – The Dragon’s Graveyard (Abombi – Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Yanyoga The City of the Skull (Black Kingdoms - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – City of the Winged One (Black Kingdoms: Zarkheba – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Gazal Horror Dwells in the red Tower (Black Kingdoms – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Xuchotl (Black Kingdoms – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Wildlife and Monsters in Atlaia (SP62)
Article – Darkarra The Spirit Eaters of Darfer (Darfar - Compendium)

Honour of Men (Brythunia – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)

Cimmerian Moors (Cimmeria – SP74)
Location – Cianogh The Veins of the Mountain (Ymir Pass: Cimmeria - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Seven Stones The Clanholme of Blue Fox (Cimmeria - Cities of Hyboria)
Article - Ten Reasons to Leave Cimmeria (SP70)

Lurking Terror of Nahab (Corinthia: Nahab)

Dead Eyes (Hyperboria – SP76)
Location – The Sythic Caverns (Hyperboria/Hykania - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Article – The White Hand of Hyperboria (Hyperboria – Compendium)

Cursed Tomb of Al’Amar (Hyrkania – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – Onagrul Port of Coin and Daggers (Hyrkania - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – The Isle of Iron Statues (Hyrkania: Vilayet Sea – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Hyrkanian Medicine and Religion (SP64)
Article - Entertainment and Diversions in Hyrkania (SP67)

Ta-Heng’s Protection (Chosain: Khitai – Khitai)
The Temple of Ohman-Tus (Desert Marches: Khitai – Khitai)
The Ghost City of Chamba-Re (Ruo-gen: Khitai – Khitai)
In Po-Sha’s Wake (The Wall: Khitai – Khitai)
New Year’s Day (Paikang: Khitai – Khitai)
Margin of Water (Kambuljan: Khitai – Khitai)
In the Company of Sung (Kambuljan: Khitai – Khitai)
Location – Tai Paun Li Nine Flooded Tunnels (Khitai - Catacombs of Hyboria)

Wine of the Gods (Koth – SP69)
Location – The Scarlet Citadel (Koth – SP45)
Location – Khorshemish Queen of the South (Koth - Cities of Hyboria)

Horror in Numalia (Numalia: Nemedia – SP44)
Vault of Thedipides (Nemedia – SP47)
The Pit Where Mad Things Drum (Nemedia – SP49)
Plunderers of the Dead (Numalia: Nemedia – Compendium)
The God in the Bowl (Numalia: Nemedia – Compendium)

Temple of Tears (Nordheim – SP53)
Betrayer of Asgard (Nordheim: Asgard)
Location – The Snow Devil Hollows (Nordheim: Asgard - Catacombs of Hyboria)

Pirate Isles
Location – Barachan Islands (Pirate Isles – SP81)

The Coming of Hanuman (Shem – PDF)
Location – Yhaster Den Leona The Home of the Lion (Shem - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Eruk In the Shadow of Natohk (Shem - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – Kuthchemes The Tomb of Thugra Khotan (Shem – Ruins of Hyboria)

Staff of Ibis (Shem/Stygia – SP37)
Palace of Cetriss (Stygia – SP68)
The Children of Ishiti (Stygia – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – The Ark of Delight (Stygia – SP52)
Location – Khemi (Stygia – Compendium)
Location – Ankhenu The Fallen Pyramid (Kheshatta: Stygia - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Khet The City of Scorpions (Stygia – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Pteion The Damned (Stygia – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Tombs & Pyramids (Stygia – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - The Houses of Set (SP75)

To Save a Kingdom (Turan – SP86)
The Reavers of the Vilayet (Turan/Hyrkania)
Location – Aghraphur (Turan – SP32)
Location – Hadraput Wind City of Turan (Turan - Cities of Hyboria)

The Dark Alter of Katar (Vendhya: Kepthhamun – Web Enhancement)
The Black Alter of Katar (Vendhya – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – Edau Voyha Beneath the Indigo Fields (Vendhya - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Yimsha (Vendhya – SP46)

The Tower of the Elephant (Zamora: Arenjun)
Dark Dens of Iniquity (Zamora: Shadizar – boxed set) – started maybe
The Book of the Elephant Part 1 (Zamora: Shadizar – SP58)
The Book of the Elephant Part 2 (Zamora: Shadizar – SP59)
The Book of the Elephant Part 3 (Zamora: Shadizar – SP60)
The Black Stones of Kovag-Re (Zamora: Arenjun – PDF)
Conan and the Thing That Lurks (Zamora: Shadizar – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – The Well of Restless Slumbers (Zamora - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Yezud The Spider’s Web of Zamora (Zamora - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – Dagoth Hill Ruins (Zamora: Shadizar – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Scenarios of Shadizar (SP35)

Moonlight on the Ocaen (Zingara: Western Ocean – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – Isle of the Black Ones (Zingara: Western Ocean – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article – The Kordavan Way (Zingara – Compendium)
Erik Growen said:
lol! If I had know it was already done I could have saved myself a whole pile of time and effort!

Don't fret. Mine's just S&P articles. I've got a personal one, though, that includes all sorts of adventures.