Conan in 2006


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Hi guys,

A sneak peek at our Conan RPG schedule for 2006. Starting in January, we have out new production schedule in place, meaning that we will no longer be telling you which month a book comes out - you will be able to look on our site and see what _day_ it is due for release. . .

Tito's Trading Post


Faith & Fervour
Ruins of Hyboria

Argos & Zingara

Hyborian Empires


There will also be a few other bits and pieces floating around but that is the core of it!
That's both great (new stuff!) and dissapointing (no new stuff for a while). Hyborian Empires sound very cool - any info besides "Birthright in Hyboria", Matt?
Trodax said:
Sounds nice indeed!
Padre said:
Hyborian Empires sound very cool - any info besides "Birthright in Hyboria", Matt?
Forgive my ignorance, but what is Birthright?

Try They have two reviews there, which describe the system a little.
Here you go:
I remember some of us ask for a ruins sourcebook or boxed set. It's great to sea that customers are heard and followed. Thanks.

I guess Hyborian empires will enable PCs and GMs alike to play rulers of regions and/or kingdoms with rules for diplomacy and warfare. So this book should allow us to stage a coup, take the seat of power and attack the neighbouring countries.
And this is what Conan RPG must be because it's not only about adventuring but also about power, taking and keeping it.
I would prefer a boardgame with die-cut counters (less expensive and less space needed and I would need to paint them - no more time for this).
Umm.... to quote Sheriff Bart from Blazing Saddles: "Where the adventures at?"

While I'm really looking forward to the sourcebooks, I'd like to see the adventure "deficit" Shadow of the Sorcerer leaves in the schedule filled with some more adventures.