Conan Product Index


I'm trying to complete my collection of MGP Conan products and I have been unable to find a complete list of products elsewhere so I have compiled my own.

MGP5598 The Coming of Hanuman
MGP5599 The Black Stones of Kovag-Re
MGP7701 Conan - The Roleplaying Game
MGP7702 The Scrolls of Skelos
MGP7703 The Road of Kings
MGP7704 Pirate Isles
MGP7705 Across The Thunder River
MGP7706 The Free Companies
MGP7707 Game Master's Screen
MGP7708 Shadizar - City of Wickeness
MGP7709 Messantia - City of Riches
MGP7710 Aquilonia - The Flower of the West
MGP7711 Conan - The Roleplaying Game (Pocket Edition)
MGP7712 The Shadow of the Sorceror (canceled)
MGP7713 Hyboria's Fiercest: Barbarians, Borderers and Nomads
MGP7714 Tales of the Black Kingdoms
MGP7715 Hyboria's Finest: Nobles, Scholars and Soldiers
MGP7716 Heretics of Tarantia
MGP7717 Hyboria's Fallen: Pirates, Thieves and Temptresses
MGP7718 The Lurking Terror of Nahab
MGP7719 Tower of the Elephant Adventure Softcover
MGP7720 To Save A Kingdom (canceled)
MGP7721 Tito's Trading Post
MGP7722 Stygia - The Serpent of the South
MGP7723 Faith and Fervour
MGP7724 Ruins of Hyboria
MGP7725 Argos and Zingara
MGP7726 (canceled and replaced by MGP7818)
MGP7727 Reavers of the Vilayet
MGP7728 Shem - Gateway to the South
MGP7729 The Conan Compendium
MGP7800 Conan - The Roleplaying Game Rulebook (2nd Edition)
MGP7801 Game Master's Screen, 2nd Edition (canceled)
MGP7802 Return to the Road of Kings
MGP7803 Bestiary of the Hyborian Age
MGP7804 ??? (canceled)
MGP7805 Secrets of Skelos
MGP7806 Heroes and Archvillains (canceled)
MGP7807 Adventures in the Hyborian Age
MGP7808 Player's Guide to the Hyborian Age
MGP7809 Trial of Blood
MGP7810 ??? (canceled)
MGP7811 Cimmeria
MGP7812 Cities of Hyboria
MGP7813 Khitai
MGP7814 ??? (canceled)
MGP7815 Betrayer of Asgard
MGP7816 The Warrior's Companion
MGP7817 Catacombs of Hyboria
MGP7818 Empires of the Hyborian Age (free download)
MGP7819 Thief's Companion (canceled, to be published as S&P articles)

I have deliberately omitted the Signs & Portents articles since there is separate sticky post for that. I encourage others to review my list and comment on any errors or omissions.

Given the actual death of the Conan rpg line, seeing all those "cancelled" entries (especially the last two which were ready to be published less than a year ago...) makes me sad....
Some months ago, I ask Kelly George from sales dpt. for a complete list of the Conan collection, this is the list he or she send me:

7701 Conan RPG

7702 The Scrolls Of Skelos

7704 The Pirate Isles

7705 Across The Thunder River

7705 Game Master's Screen

7707 The Free Companies

7709 Messantia - City of Riches

7709 Shadizar

7710 Aquilonia

7711 Pocket Conan RPG

7713 Conan RPG Hyborias Fiercest

7714 Tales Of The Black Kingdoms

7715 Hyboria's Finest - Nobles, Scholars, Soldiers

7716 Heretics Of Tarantia

7717 Hyboria's Fallen (Pirates, Thieves, And Temptresses)

7718 Conan & The Lurking Terror Of Nahab

7719 Tower Of The Elephant

7721 Titos Trading Post HC

7722 Stygia

7723 Faith & Fervour

7724 Ruins Of Hyboria

7725 Argos & Zingara

7726 Hyborian Empires

7727 Reavers of Vilayet

7728 Shem

7729 Conan Compendium

7800 Conan 2nd Edition

7801 Conan GMs Screen

7802 Return to the Road of Kings

7803 Bestiary of the Hyborian Age

7805 Secrets of Skelos

7807 Adventures in the Hyborian Age

7808 Players Guide to the Hyborian Age

7809 Trial of Blood

7811 Cimmeria

7812 Cities of Hyboria

7813 Khitai

7815 Betrayer of Asgard

7816 Warriors Companion

7817 Catacombs of Hyboria

7818 Empires of the Hyborian Age

Oh my Gawd, I´m counting my personal collection and I have 30 titles, Am I Insane?
Myrmidon said:
MGP7701 Conan - The Roleplaying Game

MGP7711 Conan - The Roleplaying Game (Pocket Edition)

MGP7800 Conan - The Roleplaying Game Rulebook (2nd Edition)

Anybody know the Mongoose product number for the Atlantean Edition?
I´ve noticed now....

7726 Hyborian Empires

:shock: I didn´t know anything about this release. Anybody got it?