Conan Pocket Guide - a few additional notes


As has been mentioned, the Conan Pocket Guide does not contain:
- the map of Hyboria (obviously, since it is the condensed text version)
- The Hyborian Age
- the Gazetteer
- the Bestiary
- the Character Sheet (understandable, would be very small scale)

However, the Conan Pocket Guide does have:
- The Faces of Conan (stats of King Conan and Conan the Thief)
- information on Terror of the Unknown check (which was in the Bestiary section, so they retained this portion in the Pocket Guide - it is in the PG p. 276, at the very end of the Combat section)

One other little issue with the Pocket Guide - I noticed that the page reference for Healing rules under the Heal skill (discussing Long-Term Care) refers to p. 164, but in the PG, it should reference p. 248. I don't know if there are any other incorrect page references, but wanted to note this one.