Conan: Other D20 Books

I picked up a few new books to use hopefully with Conan during my time at Dragon*Con 2004 this past weekend. Got 4 books, 3 of them for free with a purchase of the most expensive of the four.

Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils II by Fast Forward Entertainment
Out for Blood by Bastion Press
Torn Asunder by Bastion Press
Mercenaries Born of Blood by Otherworld Creations.

I've heard much about the Torn Asunder book from previous threads, so I'm looking forward to using it. How much has others used it? Any advice to incorporate it into Conan?

I'm open to input concerning the others. Am using the guide from S&P #7 or so about using other d20 products with Conan as help.


I can recommend Ancient Kingdoms; Mesopotamia, from Necormancer games, by Morten Braten. This book is very well done; the maps and background material lend themselves well indeed to the Conan genre setting. If memory serves, Mr. Braten also runs a "fan" websited dedicated to the Hyborian Age. Take a look at :



I've used Torn Asunder. It has had a minimal effect so far. Though I do like it. One of the PC's still has a bruised arm d/t a critical hit, but we keep forgeting to penalize him for it. Also, I allow fate points to be used to drop the severity of a critical hit. On PC has taken a TA feat that gives him protection from Critical Hits.