Re: The Spider God's Bride - Re-write DONE, FINISHED!


Cosmic Mongoose
I'm happy for Matt to take his time and get this one right :)

Hopefully the hardcopy version will sell OK through retail channels - Legend really needs a couple of strong adventures to show off what the system can do. I'm sure lots of people picked up the core rulebook after grabbing the PDF and are keen to see a couple of solid adventures to give them something to work with.

The Wolf

I have a habit of getting things into my head and basically writing something on the spur of the moment. I would probably say any S&S based adventure I did would be very similar in many ways to the detail I did for Lone Wolf.

I wrote several adventures for the RPG (Multiplayer Gamebook) and I was working on a big one just before S&P was canned. The real trick is time of course, since that's the killer for me at the moment...24 hours a day just doesn't seem like enough to do what I do.



The Wolf said:
You might want to email Matthew, I turned in the manuscript the same day I finished it.

So the reason i have not received my hard copy, is they are not being reprinted until your rewrite is included?

Can't say i am overly impressed with Mongooses' communication ovcer the years - find Loz and Pete at DM more forthcoming with direct updates.

If a book was as delayed as much as SGB, i would expect updates to Mongoose website products and an actual email to the address i ordered it on...

looking forward to your rewrite...

The Wolf

I believe that Matthew wrote something about SGB print version only going to print when he was 100% happy with the pdf. The pdf itself has gone back into full layout, since I wasn't happy with the way the NPCs lost their core 3 entries in many places.

Description, Possessions and Tactics were missing for a lot of them for example.


Banded Mongoose
Hi guys.

I am updating the info on RPGGeek about SGB.

There was a softcover print version which had 110 pages and the PDF with 170. The pdf I know is correct as I have it. I also know there was never a softcover version of the Legend SGB.

My question is - can someone with the dead-tree version of the ORGINAL SGB and Other Tales of swords and sorcery please tell me the page count, and whether any PDFs differ.

There were three versions of the original if the RPGG database is correct.

Lulu softcover print version; 200 pages; 2011
PDF version; 308 pages; 2008
Softcover version; 199 pages; 2008

Was this all? Can people please confirm this data.

Sam / Bifford