Conan 15mm Mini game????


Someone on the License announcement thread on the General Discussion board mentioned (matter-of-factly) that Mongooses first mini game was a Conan 15mm game. I've never heard this before. Any info???
Afraid not. Our first Miniatures game is called Mighty Armies. It is 15mm and there will be a barbarian army among the initial releases but it's not a licensed Conan miniatures game.
I just dont see Conan being a good 15mm game. Conan is centered around characters and story then armies it wouldnt translate. Yeah Conan did fights and lead mercenaries but that would be more 25 mm. 15 mm is for mass armies.

PLEASE let the minatures be prepainted at least partially. I have had my fill of painting 800 civil war figs. I am not gonna do it again.