Closing and Disengaging, Nature of the Evade Opposed Skill Test



when a character tries to close or disengage, and his opponent tries to keep distance, both need to attempt an opposed skill test on the skill Evade.

My question is: With respect to what a character can do in each cycle (the Strike Range countdown of the Gamemaster), has this opposed skill test the nature of a) a common opposed skill test, or b) the combat action Evade?

If a) would be the case, a character cannot perform close, disengage or keep distance when he already performed an attack this cycle in his turn. If b) is the case, he could - since a character can attack and evade in one cycle (only in this order).

What do you think? I would say a), since on p. 127 of the Legend rules, Change Distance is listed as the one CA a character can attempt, in the same list where e. g. Attack is itemized. Thus even if the character evades to change or keep distance, this opposed skill test does not forbid to attempt an attack as next combat action, as "normal" evading and attack would do?

In conclusion, the opposed skill test on Evade for Change Distance during closing or disengaging is treated as normal skill test, and not as a defensive Evade action against an attack?

Thank you and kind regards

An opposed test is only required if his opponent attempts to either; prevent him from doing so (keeping the distance) which is an opposed Evade test and requires both combatants to spend a combat action and the result is obvious, or the opponent uses this close/disengage attempt to make a free attack, essentially an attack of opportunity, in which case it becomes an opposed Attack/Evade roll which is resolved normally. If the opponent making the close/disengage attempt succeeds on his roll, even though he may have lost the opposed roll and taken damage, if he is still capable, he successfully closes or disengages.

Edit: Sorry, just re-read your question. Definitely scenario A. Using Evade in this manner does NOT prevent a character from attacking as it would if he were Evading an attack during a regular combat turn. If the character attempts to close/diesngage, provided he still has CA remaining he can either attack or use the combat action, Evade in the same turn, order is irrelevant.