Canon, Fanon, and What The Future Holds

What I think Mongoose gets completely right with their interpretation of the Third Imperium and its events is that there is always stuff to do for a group of PCs. All of the epics - Deepnight Revelation, Pirates, SotA, etc - can be brought into the focus of the actions of a group of PCs.
<clip> Last Ship out of Jewell, Raid on Farreach, Stand on Beck's World, The Emerald Resistance, </clip>

These titles sound like fun adventures!

The MegaTraveller era content killed my original interest in playing in the Classic Traveller universe. Mongoose revived my interest in the 1105 campaign setting with it's old school charm. Mongoose team, Thank you!

I hope that a new Fifth Frontier War or other timeline progression doesn't ruin it again.
Maybe I shouldn't have watched a documentary about H.P. Lovecraft before reading "Secrets of the Ancients," but I get the feeling that MTU is going to get a bit more surreal and cthulhoid as Ancient Sinister Forces From The Stars carry out their sanity-wrenching plans in seldom visited parts of the Imperium. I forget who posted "Empress Wave=Azathoth" but...