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Our worst kept secret is out!

Paranoia: The Perfect Edition will be coming to Kickstarter on Friday 28th of October 2022!

Traditional RPGs are great but... they can get repetitive. How many times have you created a hero to fight bad guys or prevent destruction? Aren’t you hungry for something different, maybe a game that’s a little dark but really funny? Wouldn’t it be fun to play the ones causing destruction for a change?

Say hello to Paranoia: The Perfect Edition, otherwise known as ‘that cool game with a computer and Troubleshooters, and you shoot everything, and the GM lies, and you die repeatedly but holy cow is that game fun’.

Over the years, there have been several editions of the game, from the 1st edition published back in 1984 to the Red Clearance Edition in 2017. Five years later, we noticed three things:

1) Some players and GMs felt the last edition strayed too far from the original setting and themes.

2) Some players and GMs felt the last edition was amazing and want more.

3) If we sell a new edition, maybe us Famous Game Designers can pay rent this month. (We’re not Rich Famous Game Designers.)

When this happens, there is only one course of action: Try to appease everyone at the same time. Paranoia: The Perfect Edition uses a very modified version of the Red Clearance Edition rules. Some stuff was cut (like using cards) while other stuff was kept the same (wound levels) and new stuff was added (favours). Meanwhile, the addition of the new Accomplice Books means, among other things, you can use missions and material from every edition of Paranoia that has ever appeared (apart from the Edition That Shall Not Be Named).

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Ten days until the launch of the Paranoia: Perfect Edition Kickstarter!

For those of you who haven't heard of Kickstarter before, it is a crowdfunding platform that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the creative community. How it works, is backers pledge money towards a campaign to bring it to life. You will receive updates throughout the process until the product is produced, when it is finished you will then receive the product as well as exclusive rewards!

Paranoia: The Perfect Edition is a love letter to this Origins Hall of Fame roleplaying game. Old characters from previous editions like Funbot are back, combat is fast and we return to using Communists as the main antagonist in the setting (even though Commies also have very few smarts or talent). To bridge the gap between editions, Paranoia: The Perfect Edition uses the last product from the old edition – Project Infinite Hole – as a major event in the new edition's recent history. (That project created a black hole, which apparently is bad inside a city.) The upcoming Accomplice Book comes with conversion rules for running any title from older editions in Paranoia: The Perfect Edition, from 1st Ed. back in 1984 to Paranoia Red Clearance Edition released in 2017.

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Attention all Citizens of Alpha Complex – There is only one week to go until Paranoia RPG - The Perfect Edition - Kickstarter.

If you haven’t already, make sure you click the link above to sign up to receive your mandatory Kickstarter notification. Failure to do so will result in your use as reactor shielding. This Kickstarter contains [REDACTED] content and pledge levels, it is essential this information is protected from Commies, mutants and traitors – Alpha Complex must be protected.

Behind the scenes posts of the Paranoia Kickstarter video, artwork and press releases have all been leaked. Discord Lives, Interviews and Actual Plays have been speculated. The world is about to get much more perfect.

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While I didn’t mind the Red Clearance Edition (I backed at Ultraviolet level in the last Kickstarter), I do think that it was basically sold on the strength of being a novelty game rather than a ‘classic’ RPG setting.

The Kickstarter box did include a guide to the Alpha Complex, but this was left out of the retail version I understand. The card decks were nice too, although new decks didn’t actually fit into the box and the system mechanics were generally more at the forefront of gameplay than in previous editions (which generally went for a rules light approach).

From what I’ve read, I am a 100% backer of this new edition. The new art looks good and gives a different feel to the game - almost ‘cyberpunk’, which is actually appropriate to the original 1984 game. It is difficult to describe why this sort of thing is important because the game is still a comedy RPG at heart, which usually ends up being for one shots only. But if there could be at least a nod towards doing something more sustainable with the setting, then I think it adds a lot to the game play in any case. It may be ‘background’ but it lends context to the humour, and game play becomes funnier because of this in a satirical sense.

Also, there should be some serious consideration of releasing old edition reprints as stretch goals. Anyway, bank card at the ready....
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