Could someone tell me what the following magi magic spells do? That is, how did lone wolf use them in the gamebooks?

-power glyph
-energy grasp

A player is playing a vakeros in a game of mine, and we are using a homebrewed class. We have most of the other spells down pat, but some trouble on these.
Penetrate, when cast on an arrowhead or similar, considerably increases the penetrating power of the missile.

Energy Glyph is a booby trap, that when inscribed on a surface causes a violent explosion

Energy Grasp requires the placing of the hands onto a target, which channels a blast of lightning into it. It's similar in effect to Lightning Hand (Brotherhood spell), but physical contact is required.

I remember Energy Grasp being used on a metalic enemy in Book 19 to good effect. I don't recall specific usage of Penetrate, but the potential for that is obvious anyway. Same for Energy Glyph.