Battle of the Drill Sergeants

Zim VS Hartman VS Apone

  • Sergeant Zim

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  • Sergeant Hartman

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byram said:
what on earth are you talking about? :roll:

Lorcan didn't say anything about GI Jane, he might be insulted you confused him with someone else.

I would be the assumption being I'd watched that pile of tripe! :wink:


It Has to be Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann.
Zim in the movie was, lame. In the book he was alreight but come on, he gave Rico a bite stick for his flogging. And he asked in the beging of boot camp who could kick his ass and 4 guys stepped up. No one would dare step up to the Gunny.

Second would have to be Lee Marvin in "The Dirty Dozen"



HAs to be between Apone and Hartman, though I wuold rank Gunny Highway from Heartbreak Ridge in there as well.

FMJ was great, I just love Animal Mother's description, kind of plays into a characteristic of a later role for the same actor.



apone wins it cos he is hard, believable, and, sorry but black guys always make the coolest soldiers. also the cigar pwns, shame he dies pretty lamely.