Battle of the Drill Sergeants

Zim VS Hartman VS Apone

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Alright you apes, time for a needlessly silly but fun poll.

Who do you think would survive the battle of the bad ass NCO's.


Ace Levy: Sir, I don't understand. What goods' a knife in a nuke fight? All you have to do is press a button, sir.
Career Sergeant Zim: Put your hand on that wall trooper. PUT YOUR HAND ON THAT WALL!
[Zim throws a knife and hits Ace's hand pinning it to the wall]
Career Sergeant Zim: The enemy can not press a button... if you have disabled his hand. Medic!


Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon. You will be a minister of death praying for war. But until that day you are pukes. You are the lowest form of life on Earth. You are not even human, fucking beings. You are nothing but unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian shit. Because I am hard you will not like me. But the more you hate me the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair. There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless. And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps. Do you maggots understand that?


Hudson: Man, this floor's freezing.
Apone: What do you want me to do, fetch your slippers for you?
Hudson: Gee, would you sir? I'd like that.
[Apone points at his face with middle finger]
Apone: Look into my eye.
Hartman all the way, he was THE ultimate drill instructor as I grew up and there is no one who can touch him :)
I'm going for Sgt Zimmerman. That quote's not the best one out of the group. The best example is probably flogging Rico. He's about as brutal as it gets. I remember in the book they make a refrence to calling for freezes in mid-battle-training, and that if you couldn't freeze then you got flogged. Even if you were standing ontop of an ant-nest at the time they called it you were to stand absolutely still. Certainly not as emotionally violent, but vastly more grueling and vicious in terms of what he puts his trainees through.
Gunny Hartman (Ermie(sp?))

He's the real deal, not an actor.

Still...nothing can compare to one particular RI ("Wassamatta, sir? Dontcha wanna be a Rain-jhuh, sir? Drop, sir, make me proud of you! Please? I caint hear you, sir! Yer breakin' my heart, sir! Start over, sir...")

ScipioAmericanus said:
Gunny Hartman (Ermie(sp?))

He's the real deal, not an actor.

So was the guy who played Apone. Vietnam vet, though as nails. when they started doing full costume rehersals for Aliens he casually mentioned that nobody better point one of the guns directly at him, because his training would kick in and he'd kill them. Nothing personal but it was the way he was trained. He laughs about it in one of the documentaries on the Aliens extras disk from the 9-disk box set...
Just me being picky but Apone wasn't a drill sergeant!

of the other two it has to be Lee Ermey (Hartman), he was nominated for a golden globe for that role!
Plus how many films have copied him since or even included him (SAAB, Toy Story etc)

Besides, when Rico is flogged you see a "caring" side of Zim, none of that pansiness in Hartman! :wink:

PS Ermey voiced Sky Marshal Sanchez in the Roughnecks according to the IMDB
I remember MCRD, I remember being a worthless Greaser grabastic piece of dogs***. and even worse and lower

Sergeant Zim was a character in a book and a movie and a cartoon.

Hartmann was a character in a book and a movie also. But I met his close cousins and I hated them.

Hartmann all the way.


Scipio I sympathize....
None, It was My drill, MSGT. Yates. Six foot 8 of muscle and gristle. Almost never raised is voice, almost never cursed. Yet, one look or word was all it took to put the fear of Yates in ya.

"Mr. Your becoming a big disapointment to me" said in voice that sounds something like from Clint Eastwood.
It's gotta be Zim. He's really cool in the CGI as well, especially in the last episode of the Homefront Campaign.
Apone was good...hell, he was VERY good! Very believable, now I know why. Thanks for that info.

"Say again all after 'incinerator!'" :shock:

He's always reminded me of my first Platoon Sergeant, SFC Ross. When he PCS'd, the guy gave me the best compliment I've ever had: "Sir, I wish you'd have been my Platoon Leader in 'Nam. We would've kicked some serious a$$." I got tears in my eyes when he said that! :D

I'm gonna have to watch Aliens today and watch all that bonus stuff!
Got to be Gunny Hartman (NOT Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant)

He's one of the few to get promoted after he retired from my beloved Corps- the Commandant promoted him to Gunnery Sergeant for all the outstanding work he did on behalf of the Corps. (He retired as a Staff Sergeant)

I actually was lucky enough to meet him in Iraq :D (the ONLY VIP to visit our location, I might add). He's an awsome individual, and the Marines loved him.
wpngjstr said:
Got to be Gunny Hartman (NOT Sergeant; Gunnery Sergeant)

He's one of the few to get promoted after he retired from my beloved Corps- the Commandant promoted him to Gunnery Sergeant for all the outstanding work he did on behalf of the Corps. (He retired as a Staff Sergeant)

No kidding! That is very, very cool! A definite piece of trivia that I will use to bedazzle the Marines on my staff...not that it takes all that much to bedazzle them anyway. :p

He WAS a DI when he was active, wasn't he?
#1 RAH's Zim from the book. Tough as nails and professional to the core. At the same time he was an independant thinker. In addition to all this he was human, but only to his superior officers and friends. The one time he became human with a trooper it resulted in a flogging that he took the blame for with his CO.

#2 Hartman from FMJ. RAH's Zim with four letter words and not as human. It was a movie though and we could only see so much of him.

#3 Hulker from Stripes. The only way to knock him down was with a mortar. In a comedy full of goof balls he was the only straight.

#4 Lee Marvin from The Big Red One.

#5 Sgt. from Saving Private Ryan.

#6 Apone from Aliens. Good sgt. but when communications had problems and the situation started to come apart with a lack of leadership from the obviously overwhelmed Lt. he failed to step up and take charge as needed. Gets taken by an alien while babbling on the radio.

#7 Zim from the movie. What a joke. He was tough enough to beat up raw recruits. Book Zim took on two German Mensur fraternity members at once. Rather than answer questions about escalation and application of force he maims recruits. He also failed to keep an eye on the situation like the book Zim did. In the movie he let Rico take the recruits helmet off for a long time, resulting in a death, without stopping the exercise. What was he doing at the time for crying out loud?
I'd have to add Sgt. Emil Foley, played by Louis Gossett Jr. in "An Officer and a Gentlemen". Now, I realize that its pretty much a chick flick, but Gossett gives a great performance (he was actually coached by the incomperable R. Lee Ermy), even winning an Oscar for it (we'll not discuss his career afterwards.)

One of the best lines:

[referring to a recuit's civilian haircut]
Foley: Now this is my idea of an a** bandit. Wait till some of the local girls get a look at you, Scr*t*m Head.
Apone all the way!

Okay he screws up while babbling on his radio but he's still the best of the best IMO, I was hoping he would...whoops, about to spoil it there. +++ Anyway, I was kinda hoping for him to fight his way back, but he didn't :cry:+++
Personally, my vote was for The Gunny.

And yes, R. Lee Ermey was an actual DI in the Marines.

Interesting note, he was just going to be an advisor for Full Metal Jacket to help out some actor who was going to be the DI. But his hair raising tirades wowed Kubrick so much he just gave the part to The Gunny.