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Cosmic Mongoose
I had a game with Nomad on Monday night.

5 points battle, my centauri versus his EA Crusade.
after a quick rules check on Admirals, we agreed that we'd ignroe the highest priority ship rule (cos to be honest, if i was an admiral, i'd rather be on the stealthy delphi and not the obvious appollo)

we had a small amount of debris, one planet on the earthers side, a bloomin dense asteroid field on my side.
we decided to just duke it out old school, none of these new fangled scenarios.

Fleets were (more or less)

Balvarin, Elutarian*2, Suulust*2
maximus, 3 amaar, kutai, corvan. some rutarian upgrades

EA Crusade
Apollo, with some dastardly nukes in the port arc and forward arc, and heavies elsewhere
3 Hyperions, delphi (with raid cost admiral on board)
3 chronos, 3 missile chronos.

I'll do more later, just realised it' home time!

right, i'm back, fun weekend :)

The dastardly EA Admiral helped them win initiative, and the centauri set up in the centre of their deployment zone, fairly close together. from left to right we had the amars squadroned, then the havans and corvan squadroned, then 2 sullust squadroned, behind them hanging back inthe rear were the two squadroned elutarians, with the Balvarin, and lastly the primus, close to the asteroid field.

At this point, the dastardly evil EA admiral told me he had nukes on his appollo, but obligingly set up directly opposite, from left to right as the centauri view them, (and my memory is hazy) The delphi sat at the back next tothe planet, whilst 3 lines of chronos, chornos missile and then hyperions faced me, withthe appollo taking position on the flank.

turn 1

The EA won initiative, and asked me politely to move first. I did so. In a nutshell, all Centauri ships moved pretty much as far as they could in a straight line towards the enemy, scrambling fighters where possible, the two elutarians tried to caf on the Appollo, one suceeded. In return the EA kinda crept forward, being wary of centauri range. closing blast doors on most ships. The opening shot was pretty brutal, Nukes rained down on the tightly packed centari. The EA decided the numbers game was best and targetted the are that would catch the patrol ships and corvan, as well as one sullust from the port side nuke battery. havens popped, corvans exploded.. eventually, and a sullust lost a LOT of hit points, but cruicially was still fully functyional. two Amars bore the brunt of the forward firing Nukes, and their fighter escorts disintegrated. one amar was crippled, and one left adrift. I was not happy. However it is worth noting, the sum total of the remaining EA fire was mostly ineffectual, bad dice rolling did little else. In return the Sullusts smacked a hyperion taking it's engines offline, whilst the Elutarians did similar to the appollo.
end of turn one casualties.
Centauri - 2 havens, 1 Corvan, 1 Amaar, 4 fighters destroyed, 1 amaar crippled.
EA - Hyperion and apollo badly damaged and adrift.

turn 2

The centauri outraged by the destruction brought upon them won initiative, and the movement pattern of turn 1, was pretty much repeated. with the EA again closing lots of blastdoors. The centauri did decide that in it'a current state the appollo was not a target, and ignored it to concentrate on other ships. Centauri fighters swamped a hyperion, and managed to deplete it's interceptors. despite this it easily held out to an attack from the 2 remaining amaars. at this point, my mind is bluring turns, and incidents, so it will become much more general lol. I did begin to get frustrated at this point at how durable the chronos are, hull 6 with interceptors. I took exception to one and pretty much concentrated all remaiining fire for the round on one till it died. The EA rolled dismally in their attacking rolls again, and the Centauri lost no further ships, and suffered very little damage. The balance of the battle depended on whether the EA could repair that apollo engine... and they did... and the adrift hyperion. dang!

End of turn 2 casualties (rolling)
Centauri - 2 havens, 1 Corvan, 1 Amaar, 7 fighters destroyed, 1 amaar crippled.
EA - 1 Chronos destroyed, 2 Hyperion and apollo badly damaged

Turn 3, EA win initiative.

at this point, the centauri begin to bend their right flank (balvarin and primus) into the main battle. All those guns and tough hulls need targets. Not to dissapoint, the EA decide to bring it too, two hyperions zoom right up close and personal. Chronos go past the centauri line, this is all getting messed up. The now repaired appollo manages to come about, and brings it's starboard side heavy missiles to bear? bare? bair? gah.. you know what i mean. The two amaars (yup the crippled one is miraculously still alive) close to zero range, the sullusst out manevered only have a delphi and 2 chronos as viable targets, but the primus and balavarn have full arcs, bar their rear, and the elutarians have reloaded their torpedos.
it's a target rich environment for the multi arc centari
The apollo opens fire first, it's heavy missiles rippign into the amar in it's starboard flank, the ship explodes violently, hitting the Apollo with a couple of crits. The apollo is crippled by it's own explosion. The Centauri follow up by making sure it is dead with a flurry of fire, the Elutarians target the delphi, one breaking it's stealth Only it's closed blast doors save it from anhialation, but it's heavily damaged. On that right flank, chronos and hyperions exchange fire with the centauri flagship and the balvarin. 2 hyperions are destroyed and one is crippled, and one more chronos joins the ever increasing balls of debris. The primus takes a beating but remains functional, the Balvarin is crippled. Elsewhere, the elutarians are in pristine condition, and one sullust looks like it will be the next to die. . .

end of turn 3 casulaties (rolling)
Centauri - 2 havens, 1 Corvan, 2 Amaar, 8 fighters destroyed, 1 Balvarin crippled
EA - 2 Chronos, 2 Hyperion and apollo destroyed, one hyperion crippled, one delphi badly damaged

at this point, i was running late to get home. so Whilst dan conceeded defeat, the centauri offered a withdrawal for both damaged fleets.
certainly on a VP countback, the centauri had the edge. It was all down to could i destroy the bloomin chronos before they blew up the damaged primus, balvarin, and suluust.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, my first in 18 months or so, and the first time i had played Nomad for a VERY long time. Was great to talk over ships and rules etc. the view seemed to bee thatthe EA lacked real punch and they had a big hole in their raid choices as nothign had ever replaced the hyperion after the chronos was downgraded. Despite an excelent alpha strike, a combination of Dans poor attack rolling, coupled with poor secondary weapons (because 4 dice DD beams aren't too shoddy) let them down. Whilst he centauri back up their excelent close quarters weapons, with some pretty effecte long range weapons too.

It really is a shame this game is gone in terms of company support, because it seems to have a lot more depth than NA, and plays better (in my opinion) than starfleet, even though starfleet adressed some key issues like the critical table. The ships are also WAY better than the trek ships on the whole.
Thanks - great report - any pics?

Sounds like a really good game with lots blowing up :) Good to see the Primus hanging on in there and inflicting some hurt :)

We normally really enjoy our B5 games - critical issues not withstanding - I get a bit frustrated with NA/ SF -so B5 is def my favourite. We did try and transpose the SFU/NA critical onto B5 but its really hard and does not seem to work in practice.

NA - not enough dice and hard to kill things in the end game period, lacks some of the more fun Special Actions

SF- lacks some of the more fun Special Actions, not enough dice and its seems to either take ages to get through the shields or they go straight through the shields - usually Photons......

Are you going to the Wallsall Tournament?
nomad took some pics, but whether he will post them, I cannot say.

Walsall tourney depends on final dates, still waiting for em :)
H said:
The now repaired appollo manages to come about, and brings it's starboard side heavy missiles to bear? bare? bair? gah.. you know what i mean. The two amaars (yup the crippled one is miraculously still alive) close to zero range...
Since you ask, you got it right first time - "bear" is correct. Unfortunately, "Amaar" is not. ;)

the view seemed to bee that the EA lacked real punch and they had a big hole in their raid choices as nothign had ever replaced the hyperion after the chronos was downgraded.
That's because the Hyperion is such a classic design that the only thing which can replace a Hyperion is another Hyperion. You have to love something with two boresights and the manouevrability to use them, and that plus its appearance make it one of my favourite ships of all science fiction, not just gaming. It's just a shame that almost none of the Early Years variants survived to Third Age and beyond. The Crusade Raid shortage is because several other Raid ships disappeared without any replacement, e.g. Nova and Avenger.

Those details out of the way, I agree with Da Boss - great report, and an interesting match of Centauri vs. EA Crusade. I haven't tried NA but I've played a couple of games of SF, and still prefer B5 - more variety among the ships, even more variety between fleets, and ships that look so good that I bought several miniatures just for display. (Most of which have ended up being playable anyway, but initially they were just for display.)

"What is built endures, and what is loved endures. And B5:ACTA... B5:ACTA endures" - Delenn, slightly edited. :D
you just can't resist you spelling nazi you!

Hyperion looks great, but it's fragility shows when it's the ONLY real raid option (the tantalus? hahahahha)
Richard updated the thread to say:

Sorry guys, for the late response, just finished the process of moving back to uni! Annnnnd breath lol

Right, so the common date that cropped up, was the 17th of November . . . that is the date that has now been booked with the Warlords club (church) and is being promoted on the Malifaux boards as well by my counterpart.

A number of the Warlords guys have expressed an interest in taking part in B5, such culprits are myself, shane, dean and I'm hoping andy as well. I'm trying my level best to get dale along; but he does work on saturdays so its a long shot.

Format wise, I'm going to look at last years tournament, and take on board suggestions for tweaking it. Unless you guys have something else you prefer, such as a campaign day, as opposed to a tournament.

Cheers, Rich
You go H...good report. Sounds like fun times.

Leetpenguin and I played a few weeks back up on Alaska...guess hes waiting for his darkroom to post the pics :)
basaint said:
You go H...good report. Sounds like fun times.

Leetpenguin and I played a few weeks back up on Alaska...guess hes waiting for his darkroom to post the pics :)

well in the menatime you can start writing a batrep!