Does anyone know if there is a release cycle on the PDF versions of the rule books. I was looking at drivethrurpg a moment ago and there are a few books I had wanted but don't seam to be avaible yet.

BTW - does anyone know why the PDFs can't be bought directly from MGP as they sell other PDFs now.

I believe that all of Mongoose's pdfs are on either Drivethru or RPGnow.

IIRC this question was asked before and the answer is - when they get around to it, ie when they are a little less busy on new projects.
I've visited the DTRPG and RPGnow and a lot of the main sourcebooks are still not available.

Anybody know when (or if) they will become available to fill out the B5rpg set?
Actually the only PDF books I know of that Mongoose has released are the ones based off of books that are no longer in print (slayers' guides and the like). Maybe after a while the B5 books will be available but I really don't see that at present.
Mongoose have previously stated that when they get round to it, their entire range will be pdf available, except maybe the core A:2089.

On the DTRPG site there are 14 of the 25 (so far) published B5 RPG books in PDF format for those who haven't looked yet.