B5 Novels & Graphic Novels by Mongoose?


Just noticed this announcement, so I thought I'd get first post in before anyone official did :D

Had to pick myself up off the floor after reading this announcement. I would say I'd second this great announcement, but given that I was so stunned I'll have to fourth it instead. :)

Looking forward to seeing what comes our way, as the announcement says, the greatest sci-fi story continues... 8)

Good news that B5 is going to be back in print again! :D


I hope Mongoose can keep the quality up. Of the old B5 novels it was certainly a roller coaster of good and bad! “To Dream In The City of Sorrows” was (in my humble opinion) at the very best and I very much hope Mongoose will take that as the level that they are going to keep, and hopefully exceed!

Everything incluing TDITCOS and after is allegedly good. (Haven't read the 3 trilogies yet). And "The Shadow Within" was one of the best of the early ones.

I'm sure Mongoose will do us proud. They'd better or they'll have to answer to me!

I hope some of the books will cover other characters than the ones from the tv series. I'd like to read a book or series of books on a narn warship and its crew during the narn centauri war. Or maybe a book on a EF warship and its crew. Another book on the rangers or technomages would not be interesting to me. I wanna read about the normal people in the B5 story line. Something to fill out the tv series. Maybe a starfury pilot stationed on B5.
It would be nice to have some novels from a non human perspective... maybe a Narn character or a Minbari Ship Captain.. or some such.
I'd be more interested in the Telepath War than anything else myself. Also would like to see the continuation of the Crusade arc.
I'd like a story where Corwin features a bit more than in the show!

And one where Morden comes face to face with dome tech Guerra. :lol:

I'd definately like to see some Crusade stuff, maybe even some continuation of Legend of the Rangers. Oh, and more Mack and Bo, those guys are great.
Yeah, there's quite a few potential plot-hooks and storylines they could focus on.

FWIW, I'd personally like to see:
Characterwise, more of the post S5 B5 crew (Corwin, Dr. Hobbs, Ta'Lon, etc.), as well as the Crusade crew.

The Telepath War is first on the list.
The continuing adventures of Lyta & G'Kar, post S5.
More "Crusdae" era stuff, perhaps providing some closure on the Drakh plague stroyline?
Some stories set prior to S1 (the Dilgar War, etc.)
Some stories set in the distant past.
Stories from a non-human POV. (Maybe a Ranger?)
"My Life as a P'ak'ma'ra" an autobiography.
"The Conquest of Narn" Emperor Turhan I
"The Underground Railroad" Lyta Alexander
"Confessions of a Vree Drama King" the story of Roswell
"Birth of the Lion" The Xon War and creation of the Republic
"The Lion's Roar" The Oreni/Centauri War
"Garmoncide" The Minbari extermination of the Garmak
"Lucky Strike" The story of the Drazi
"Sleeping Shadows" Shadow allies doing mischief 1200-2200 AD
Stories set during the EM War from the Minbari POV and not our main characters say a warrior or a worker.

Generic minbari viewing the events on B5.

Stories set during the time of Valen .

The first shadow war'

Stories set with the warrior caste in mind set with Neroon thrown in .