AT-43 minis pictures.

Well, the Rackham stuff certainly seems to look grittier and more stylised than the MI models to date (which some might argue is better or worse) - LAMI and warrior bugs and so on are constrained by the film, in terms of their design but personally I think that Pathfinders and exos could possibly have done with being made to look sleeker and more hi-tech. The Grizzlies and Cougars are good models, but a bit clunky and undetailed when you get down to it (no clear signs of working parts etc - just big seamless suits).
Similarly, the Pathfinders currently suffer from sharing the same basic sprue as CAPs (yes, I know their PA is basically just updated CAP armour) - perhaps rework their sculpts from the ground up to enhance that hi-tech covert ops feel.
OK, a little late but I finally got to see these at my FLGS today. I saw them out of the package and was able to feel, bend, smell and taste them. These were the expansion boxes, not the starter set. The sculpts are very nice. So nice in fact that I may get some of the humans to use as security troopers in my 5150 game. The paint jobs, however, are very basic. The humans look like they were primed, 3 or 4 clolors sparingly added, then washed. The aliens are very badly dry brushed. So bad in fact that I would have to repaint them. Which wouldn't be hard as they are basiclly black with metallic weapons and red eyes. Oh, and I broke one off it's base when bending it. :D
Mr Evil said:
i love the minis, tis the game sytem that kills it for me :( i just feel empty after a game, no ida why though :(

Because like all Rackham games it has no soul. I love R's minis but they have the worst game development team in history.
Mr Evil said:
Galatea said:
No. GW outclassed them in the last years (40k 4th Ed. *uargs*)

was there a new 40k edition last year !!! wow im so behind the times with gw stuff now.

I think 2005 autumn. Last year was FB 6th ed(I think).

Or was 4th ed in 2004? I have lost track of that myself as well :D

*grumble grumble. 4th ed killed off my hardly cheesy IG army worth ~250€ into unplayable state unless I would be willing to buy about as much many models and accept I would have lots of useless garbage models.... grumble grumble*
I guess theres no humour to it. Just wait until more is released.

Confrontation is much better now that dogs of war is out, it has much more 'feeling'. And I find a good opponent is what makes a game fun.
I remember Id finally broken down and bought the rogue trader advanced vehicle rules a couple of months before v2, which had a plastic aiming grid, schematics for all the vehicles and some really innovitive rules, 2nd edition comes out and they replace it with role a freaking D6...
GW is a pain. I just hope Mongoose is not going the way of the EE. Nah its more like the big brother going

"here you are...... nope. here you are...... ha ha,"
All praise the latest AT-43 releases, me likey!


Cyborg gorillas, so cool!


Therian... something not so cool...


Red Block huzzah, space commies are pretty damn kicking!

This stuffs gone along way to bringing me round to AT-43 (That and Hiro pointing out how cheap the terrain box set was lol), I need some space gorillas, didn't realise till just now but I definatly need them :D
You're right!
They'd mix in perfectly with the existing models! :D

I like the one in the eye patch the best, have no idea what the background is, but Im hoping for pirate gorillas. Not to sure why though but I've got the image of treasure chests full of bananas...
yay! they did release the steam bolilers..uhh,i mean the red block striders.
me and my friends keenly await further war-machines. there's the indominable assult dishwasher, support in form of artillery fridge, and a fast, lightly armoured recon microwave cooker :lol:
well,the idea of a slow,awkward looking mech they stole from the PP, the look of the therains they nicked from "Blame!", it's not beyond them to steal a weapon off a skinny :wink:

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Um... Poko I can assure you the idea of a slow moving mech existed LONG before privateer press stole it of someone else :D
Sci-fi is, by its nature a derivative genre, might aas well embrace it lol