AT-43 minis pictures.

i know,i know :lol:
but it just hurts my big-mecha fan's little heart seeing those ugly blocks of plastic instead of cool,proper,humanoid mechas :oops: .
just the same for PP-the minis are by and far nice, but the 'jacks are so damn ugly :( (well, i'v taken a Hordes army to help and put those sad mis-creations to rest on the tabletop :wink: )
Yeah I get what you're saying, I think some of the problem is that the gundam/macross style mecha have become so prevalent of late that these designs are in part a reaction againt it.
MaxSteiner said:
All praise the latest AT-43 releases, me likey!


Cyborg gorillas, so cool!


Therian... something not so cool...


Red Block huzzah, space commies are pretty damn kicking!

This stuffs gone along way to bringing me round to AT-43 (That and Hiro pointing out how cheap the terrain box set was lol), I need some space gorillas, didn't realise till just now but I definatly need them :D

I also need space gorillas.

Maybe we should form a support group?
Yeah if its a box of three I kinda have to try and hold myself back...
But they look sooooooo coooooool!
... I suppose thats only a fiver each if I get them on import... thats still pretty expensive... but... they're freaking space gorillas...

They are meant to be releasing faction boxes at a bit of a discount aren't they? Maybe I can hold out for a space gorilla starter or something...

I'd say sell it Evil, the two starter armies seem a bit wack and the starter rules are available for free anywho, hold out till the advanced rule book comes out and snap up some space gorillas! :D
... Actually I like the red block too space communism is pretty awesome...
MaxSteiner said:
All praise the latest AT-43 releases, me likey!


Cyborg gorillas, so cool!

...okay, what the heck ARE those things? Are they a new unit for the Therians, White Star or Red Block, or an entirely new race in their own right?

And yes. I think we NEED space gorillas. (*sniff* I miss the Growlers...)
Apparantly they're a new faction called the Karmans
And you can see they have their own section here...
Are they definately the Karman? There's a bit of dispute about it on the French forum, and I think their armour looks a lot like the basic humans. I thought they were maybe slave troops or something?
Karman is very German sounding too, I was thinking of something else.

Looking through the other stuff, I think you're probably right.
Havent got a clue to be honest :D
My french is limited to asking for directions and stuff like that, Im just passing on hearsay lol.
They do seem a little light on details to be the next faction though, I mean we know alot more about the RedBlock by comparison...

Word is though they were going to be one of the orginial troops for Dust, and I think they were German experimental troopers in that (Could have been Russian though...) so maybe this is an homage to that?
I wanna see the red blok! They sound great, hey, anything red army just looks cool.

Oh and I love how they milk the same 4 RedBlok models over and over again.

The mechanical ape things look wierd...
I dont like the therian models, the UNA are quite nice though.

They need more factions really.
The reason why they don't do point values on the cards is that Rackham tends to release multiple games using the same miniatures and stats. Such as with their Confrontation game, you could use the same miniatures and stats, for multiple games including the original Confrontation, their large scale mass battle game called Ragnarok, their boardgame style skirmish game called Hybrid, and I think there was one more called Incantation or something.

I suspect we'll see something similar with AT-43
But all of my other Rackham cards have points costs on them. It's the white number on the bottom left corner. No army books etc... for confrontation, it's the cost on the card you use isn't it?
Do you have any of the other stuff turtle? As what you get with each figure is a card for each game it works with. So a model you can use in confrontation, ragnarok and hybrid would have a different card for each game. Any updates are printed in Cry Havoc.
Only reason I can see to do it differently here is to sell Codexes.
Oh, sorry I mean army books :)
Oh god yo're right, the last thing we want is another arguament about the proper term for army lists :D

If they do publish AT-43 army books I'd probably buy a space gorilla one even if I'm not playing the game :D
That latest PDF i link to seems to add some more depth to the rules... from what I can tell anyway :?