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Army Boxed Set?

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personally id like to see no blister/blaster bugs, but more Warriors hehehe maybe 4 hoppers, and 20 warriors.
let's see...laster part of the Mongoose Infantry prgram....this is just information mentioned on the yahoo list...
I voted yes...reason being is that SST is almost into year #2 of it's life cycle. The two original races have been fleshed out to such a degree that there are enough units out there to allow a player to focus exclusively on just one race...meaning, even as good a deal as it is, the boxed set might not appeal to someone ONLY wanting Bugs or MI.

I will say that including a tanker instead of the blisters/blasters (and raising the price if need be) would probably sell more army boxes. The visual impact of the tanker is not to be underestimated. Also, that particular box set would open the door to cross-over sales to fans of the SST movie just looking for models (since all 3 unit types: hoppers, tanker, warriors are from the movie)...which might even lead to a few more folks getting into SST: the Minis Game.

Hiromoon said:
let's see...laster part of the Mongoose Infantry prgram....this is just information mentioned on the yahoo list...

It might be nice if you sighted your source for the info.

Also not sure what the actual procedure is, but I'm not sure that being in the Mongoose Infantry actually makes you a Mongoose employee (in the same way being in the studio does).

Just a suggestion.
*sniggers* I get my information from the top down..and nah, not really an employee Nanite, I just demo for the of the perks is info on programs.

And as for your is for me to poop on ;) Anyway, I got it from Stratos a month or so ago.
Id say yes, but put a little more in it, 18 warriors 3 blister/blasters, 3 hoppers, and a tanker, charge a reasonable pricepoint and your there.)

For an army box to sell it needs a wow, the tanker is your wow.

Another idea would be a warrior swarm set, say 20plus warriors and some plastic terrain, lets say, a pair of bug holes and tunneling markers. It would make a good starter for a beginner.
Yes! This is a great idea to get folks into the game, especially when you think about the points difference that comes with the starter set. Now a starter and an Arachnid boxed army would provide enough points to balance things out!
That's one of the biggest complaints I've been hearing about the starter set we have now. There is enough MI to create over 1000 pts, but only enough bugs to create 550 pts at most.

An Arachnid Starter Set would be one great for snagging, I mean hooking, no I mean engaging new players.