Starship Troopers box sets for sale.

The Legend

Hi Guys,

I've got a number of boxed sets that I'm selling on behalf of a local game store, Grahams Weurkshoppe. He has a selection of boxes and may have some loose sprues of mobile infantry and arachnids that he is hunting through his stock for. Currently available are:

1 box set of Veteran Cap Troopers £15.00
1 box set of Skinnie Raiders £15.00
1 box set of Arachnid Hopper Bugs £15.00
2 box sets of Arachnid Blister/Blaster Bugs £15.00 each.

P&P will depend on how much is purchased and location. Let me know what you want, where you are and I'll get a quote for this.

Cheers Guys.