Some simple SST questions


Sigh.. decided top come back after some time away, a little bitter at Mongoose dropping the ball on SST.

Maybe someone out there knows the answers to these questions:

1) Blister Bugs and Blaster bugs; which mouthpiece goes with which type?

2) Blister/Blaster Bugs; fire-type versus piercing acid; which is better against Mobile Infantry?

3) Blister/Blaster Bugs; How many units of how many models of what type do you take in a standard 2000 point game? 2000+?

4) Firefries; how many units of how many models do you take in a 2000 point game. 2000+?

5) Hopper bugs; how many units of how many models do you take in a 2000 point game. 2000+?

5) Brain bugs; I have one, do I really need to get more, considering how difficult the model is to assemble?

6) What size type is a King Tanker? Spiny Tanker? Overseer Bug?

Well the Arachnid book shows the blaster with the elongated upper teeth but this online site shows it the other way. I don't have the box instructions handy either.
Maybe someone else can assist

Personally, I'm a blaster user.
We tend to play up to 1500 point games; with that tho, I use prob 2 larger units per level. With 2k and being fairly cheap, I'd probably go with 5+. Depends on the scenario too.

FF's - haven't used them yet (or should i say they aren't built yet)

Hoppers - Same as above with our point scales but I'd prob take 2-4 with 2k.

King Tanker=size 4 (page 44 of Arachnid book)
Thorny Tanker (i think that's your Spiny)=size 4 (page 50 of Arachnid book)
Overseer=size 4 (page 46 of Arachnid book)
Awesome, thanks - I don't have the arachnid book. Worth it to buy it at $5-8 each?

When you say take a few units of Blasters and Hoppers, how many guys are in the squad?

Is the blaster really that much better at taking out MI?

I would offer to sell you my arachnid book, but the postage to the states (?) would likely be more than the $5 you mentioned. Well worth getting, though.