Any MI playing the Mandatory Card Game?


Are there any registered M.I. anywhere playing/demoing the Mandatory Card Game? If so... where? and what exactly?

I've had some friends of mine express some interest in the game after they caught a demo at Gencon, so I've ordered it from my FLGS to start demoing after the first of the year!
Sir yes sir!

Received an MI issue copy of the game for GENCON UK, unfortunately my deployment was cancelled due to RL commitments but I have been demoing the game locally sir!

A few demos under my belt, the citizens seem to enjoy it sir!

Bristol, UK

I have a demo store copy that sees regular use.

I really need to be better about getting my demo forms in to you.

On a side note, I ran a Paranoia XP game where the players had to play the card game, in character, as part of thier troubleshooter training.

3 Fun FUN!!!!
I've had the game since GENCON Indy and played my first game last night.

I got to UV before the game was over, unfortunately i ran out of clones first.

I plan to get a few more games in before Chattacon, so I can add it to our list of games being demoed. :)

Did I mention I'll be at Chattacon? January 20-22. Chattanooga TN? :)
Okay, I really need to play some more games. I had the highest security level when I ran out of tokens, so I actually won. IBD!!!

I guess we should NOT play till 1am. ;)