Recruiting for "Redacted" - A Roll20 Traveller: Mercenary Mini-Campaign


In the year 1105, plausible deniability is a valuable commodity. That's where you come in.

The story will start with players creating their own mercenary player character and banding together to form their own unit before selecting a ticket to undertake... if the price is right. Outstanding mission success could lead to future lucrative opportunities. This will be a Military / Force Management focused sandbox mini-campaign set in the Trojan Reach, using Mg2E Traveller: Mercenary rules to abstract large unit conflict resolution.

*Free to Play - Looking for kindred spirits, not your money!

*Group 1 - Session 0 is Monday 10/16 @ 1000 MDT on Roll20 - Recruitment Open

*Referee is semi-retired former USMC with too much time on his hands and a frigid winter ahead... let's roll some dice!

*Very flexible on scheduling due to line above! / Will discuss further scheduling at Session 0 / Planning to start with one group of 4 for now

*Potential for a follow on group if there is enough interest and the scheduling gods allow it.

*Roll20 for Character Sheets, Handouts and Maps / Discord for Voice and Video (Video is not mandatory)

Please reply or reach out with any questions or interest.

Have fun out there!



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