Astrogation needs help

Ignore them. Your ships have cop suspension, cop transmission, cop power steering, cop power brakes ...
A friend of mine, who constantly quotes said film, found a 1974 Dodge Monaco rotting in a farmers field in Alberta.
$25000cdn later, he'd turned it into a replica, right down to velcro pads holding a cigarette pack in 'just the right spot'. He even tossed the cigarette lighter out the window while moving.
The shock came when he sold some guy in Frankfurt! God knows what the shipping costs were, but that thing weighed more than the average mid-sized truck...all steel.
The new owner sent pictures of it hurtling down the autobhan.
Like the Happy Hunting Grounds, but for cars.
I'm paraphrasing The Blues Brothers.
Civvy drives have limitations, but the M-drives of Impie vessels do not. And now, after your engineers have ripped out the government-installed speed governors, nor do your ships.
Can't help but think that car would make an excellent blueprint for a player ship...
Unless the ship is diligently maintained, it might just suffer the same fate as the car on arrival at it's jump terminus.