Do you think Cliff should be worth risking arachnids for?

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This is Rogue Chariot. I have changed my name due to the awsome battle that I have commanded by cell phone. A battle that has had my arachnids pit against a massive army of MI and a newly formed skinnie army. (Raiders and Venerables) A very strange and rare event has occured in battle. A atomic Ajax missile was droped in an area that held a brain bug, 20 warriors, 1 tanker, 5 fire fries and 5 cliff mites. Out of all the arachnids that died, a single arachnid was left standing on his own: The cliff mite leader. (Cliff) Shortly after the explosion, 3 units of raiders armed with constrictor rifels journeyed into the aftermath to gain some ground. Cliff single handedly annihalated each and every one of the raiders. It was soon noted and formed a momentary treaty between MI and skinnie. A strike team was deployed to seek and destroy the cliff mite. The cliff mite had allready left the area and was well on its way to the regroup point for the arachnids. It was then when the arachnids had Cliff as their temporary 'Brain' and were lead to battle. Through the march to MI camp Alpha, all skinnie were wiped off the map with a minimal casualties for the arachnids. The MI base was reached with no struggle at all. To my supprise, the MI wern't there. Instead, their was a marker for a remote detonatated bomb. A peewee... It exploded and killed all but one arachnid- Cliff. All the Peewee's roles were 1's. (That's some serious bad luck right there! :twisted: ) I gave the order to surrender. The MI have captured Cliff. (The winner of a battle, if the opponent surrenders, may choose the last survivor/ one of the surviving unit leaders and keep it untill it is 're-obtained'. Every battle will have captured models present within enemy bounds. In order to obtain your model again, you must get within command range of the model and kill any enemies that are within the captured models command range... This is a rule that me and my friends came up with)
yes i vote an even bigger avatar! yet we have then the difficulty of your post









to read even when you have scrolled across the screen. Gee 56k users must hate your av :D
combatdroid113 said:
Gee 56k users must hate your av :D

Add those poor souls whose internet connection goes through mobile phone with GPRS connection!

Am I only one or has there been lately more of bigger avatars? PLEASE reduce them a bit :wink: . Makes threads pain to read and not all have broadband access.
Well I don't know, if everyone had massive avatars we could be really 3L33T and only people with the highest bandwith could use the forum :lol:
MaxSteiner said:
Well I don't know, if everyone had massive avatars we could be really 3L33T and only people with the highest bandwith could use the forum :lol:


Yours could do with being a little bigger I think!
For starters re-scale the avatar, it's too big <thumbs-down>

Why bother with asking? For pure fluff purposes Cliff deserves the rescue party - make it even a sort of "rescue" scenario! ^^
re-scale. Your living cliff mite, was luck. Or the opponents lack of it. I mean, its funny, but really. :?
Lets face it...for fluff purposes the MI would have kept shooting Cliff until his reamins were splattered far and wide. Then they would dhoot him some more...just to be sure. we are talking thin covering of annoying mite across the camp.

As they don't seem to have done it yet the arachnids should be getting super-bug back.


And resize the avatar.
I'd say save cliff.
Maybe he's a complete new strain of arachnid psykers - the lucky bug.

And even MI would be interested in him, knowing something about bugs. Having a bug psyker to study is alwas a good thing.

So go and rescue him. It would even be worth sacrificing a world full of bugs for this.
allright, allright! enough! I know I need to re-size the avatar. :lol: But I can't do it now. I'll have to wait 19 days from now because I am in New Mexico. (Far from home) This computer is EXTREAMLY hard to work with. :lol: . And don't worry about good ol' cliff, he will be released.