Akbitan Weapon Question



Since these weapons are almost only available in their home city where is Akbitan? I ask this because a city called Akbitan on the Hyborian map is located in Corinthia but the crafting feat Akbitan Smith has a prerequisite of Shemite. Since the entry on Akbitanan weapons says their quality is part from the skill of the smiths and part of the quality of the steel it seems like it could go either way.

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They are available wherever they can be found. They can only be made in the city. As far as where it is, depends who you ask, I have seen it located in no less then 4 different locations according to maps. I"d go with the downloadable map from Mongoose for right now though.
Akbitanian weapons are made only in the city, but they are renowned far and wide for their quality so who knows where a rare specimin might turn up? It is perfectly reasonable to jack up the price of Akbitan steel outside of the city.

As for where the city is, well... :roll: Maps of Hyboria are notoriously inacurate. AFAIK Howard never drew a detailed map of his own, only a few quick, free hand rough sketches. Most maps you see are the work of others trying to piece together the world from the spotty clues left behind by Howard. I, and I think most other people, would place Akbitan in western Shem (the meadow lands). I think that this is as good a place as any for thematic reasons. It seems obvious (to me at least) that Akbitanian steel is meant to be an analogue for Toledo steel. And the culture of the meadow shemites seems to be rooted more or less in Moorish culture, which makes it the likelest place to locate Toledo culturally aside from Zingara (and we know Akbitan isn't in Zingara). Either way the idea of Toledo steel being produced in a country whose theme is "degenerate classical city-states" seems incongrous to me.

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Again i give link to my homepage, where you can find interactive hyboria map :)

I did some changes in Mongoose map also. I used conan books 1-12 and hyborian gazetter http://www.dodgenet.com/~moonblossom/hyborian.htm for this. I hope you'll find it useful :)
I noticed the adjustments to the map and the use of the Gazateer. It took me a moment to figure out what was happening when I clicked on something, but I found the gazeteer info soon enough.

Nice work.