Agonising Doom and spell to-hit rolls?


Been a while since playing... Does Agonising Doom require a to-hit roll? Doesn't seem to from the description. In fact, from reading "The Magic Attack Roll," it seems like spells often don't have to hit, you just go straight to rolling a saving throw against a magical to-hit roll. Exceptions seem to include Telekinesis (hitting the target with the thrown object, seems like this would be a typical ranged attack), and various Ill-Fortune (where if you can't auto-hit due to eyes being averted, that you can still touch, but would have to make a touch melee attack).
From my 'old' original RPG book, Agonizing Doom has a spell range of: 25 ft, plus 5ft per Scholar level of the Caster (Modified, close range).

Spell Ranges are: Touch - self expalnatory ...
Close - Up to 25' plus 5' per 2 levels of sorceror
Medium - Up to 100', plus 10' per sorceror level.
Long - Up to 400' plus 40' per sorceror's level.

Evil Eye type spells have a range typically of 30'. Some spells that allow the use of Magical Link (a lock of the victim's hair, for example), extend ranges to outside standard ranges (Non line of sight). I presume that this allows a caster to torment a victim from vast distances (Avoid contracts in blood!).

The duration for Agonizing Doom is listed at 1d6 rounds. I assume that the victim must make a Fortitude save vs the casters magical attack roll each round, in order to make either a Standard or Move action. Failure means that the victim is incapacitated in agony.

Anyhow in my 'non-Atlantean Ed' it states that a successful Fort save negates. Nasty spell, and quite 'economical' for the caster too, at 4 points per target ...

Has anyone else got any updates or clarifications on this?