Adventure writing contests for RPGs...

Thoth Aw C'mon

Chaosium is having their 2nd adventure-writing contest for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. The deadline is the end of June. Raven, you should definitely submit something- you could so win that contest! :)

Check it out:

And the Warhammer Fantasy RPG folks at Black Industries had a competition as well, and they have the winning entry and the runner-ups listed on this page:

Both contests generated some cool adventures, and I think was a great way to also generate some excitement and motivate those in the community who are inclined to writeup a scenario or two for their favorite RPG. I know some of us have some cool ideas kicking around that might make for innovative and interesting adventures for this game. The ol' competitive spirit can really motivate people to work hard and produce the best product they can. And a contest like this of course also makes available to the harried GMs out there some more quality ready-to-use adventures to download and use in their gaming groups, which always a good thing. Can't ever have too many great adventures around for a game. I know there are some websites out there that have adventures for Conan the RPG, but an adventure writing contest from the company itself would IMHO be something this game and the online community would benefit from. After all, other company's are doing it for their games.... So the powers that be in the 'Goose should set something like that up, including of course having judges, and contest format rules and maybe even have prizes for the contest winner like free product or something. The Chaosium first place winner gets some free product, including a Chaosium T-Shirt- nothing like free swag to get the masses motivated! 8)