Acute Paranoia Box Set - Kickstarter Live!


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The Acute Paranoia Kickstarter project is now under way! You have 30 days to prove your loyalty and become the first line of defence against terrorists in Alpha Complex!


This massive supplement for the Paranoia RPG (the latest edition from Mongoose Publishing) offers a ton of new content designed specifically to make your Paranoia games more fun. (And treasonous, but you never read that.)

  • Players will find rules for playing bots and elderly Troubleshooters, advice for committing treason and not getting caught, fun prescription drugs, and bingo cards for diagnosing teammates with entirely treatable disorders. No medical knowledge necessary!
  • GMs will find locations to drop into missions, guides to the Underplex and the Outside, articles and tables to help up your Paranoia game, and three shiny new missions to really rack up the body count.
    You will also see new cards, from Bestiary cards like the Feral Tree to R&D gear such as Hygiene Grenades — but only if you back this project before June 24th.

Imagine the sheer joy and devilish glee you’ll feel upgrading your Paranoia RPG experience with this new set! Imagine the jealousy and dirty looks from others who did not back this project!