The All New Paranoia - Coming Friday 22nd!


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Next Friday (the 22nd) marks the launch of the all new Paranoia on PDF and pre-order!

As I type, Mongoose's own team of crack Troubleshooters are making the final tweaks for the launch...

The launch includes...

Paranoia Core Book: All editions of Paranoia are perfect, and this is the most perfectest edition of Paranoia ever. With a serious upgrade to graphics and art, you will soon be diving into a utopia of CoreTech brain implants, secret societies, High Programmers, a completely sane Computer, and Commies who want nothing more than to bring the perfect society to its knees. As a Troubleshooter you will be on the front line of defence against all threats to Alpha Complex, and you will absolutely be able to trust your team mates to back you up whatever dangers you face together!

The Accomplice Book: A wealth of new Fun Things to slide into your missions, including Alpha Complex celebrities, prescriptions, Top 5 Lists, Treason Circles, the much-loved yet revised Mission Blender, and rules which show you how to run every mission made for every previous edition ever - except, of course, the Edition That Shall Not Be Named...

Gamemaster's Screen: The mark of your absolute authority as GM and, frankly, the most beautiful screen to ever grace your table. I mean, just look...

GM Screen.jpg

Computer Dice: A new set of security clearance-coded Computer Dice, with a handy Treason Star reminder on each face. Remember, the more treason you do, the more The Computer will take an interest in what you are doing.

Only the most disloyal of Citizens will ignore the launch of The Computer's bestest RPG, so swing by our website on Friday for fun, frolics and mass terminations!

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I’m a backer and I’m looking forward to all of these soon.

I also note that Brave New Missions is coming (good title!) later in the year. Just to clarify, will this be gathering some of the supplemental PDF material provided in the Kickstarter into a single hardback, or what else?

Also, how will the line continue to be supported? More scenarios? Longer campaigns? Will there be some scope towards maintaining older editions, including the boxed game with cards and some Classic reprints, maybe?
Brave New Missions does indeed collate the PDF missions you received during the Kickstarter.

As for line support, we are already working on new titles, and you will likely see something new every quarter or so and the first new mission (CINO) is about to go into layout!

Older editions are now fully playable with the new edition through the Accomplice Book, and we may do some reprints - but our focus is on new material.