A question to Darkstorm (and inspiration for others)

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
I recently saw the movie "The Day after tomorrow" explaining sudden change of climat and could also explain a lot on the whereabouts of civilizations that have suddenly vanished.

I read somewhere that the explosion of the volcano on Thera, ca. 1500 BC, not only destroyed the island but the resulting tsunamis are said to be responsible for the sudden recession on all the civilizations located on the coast of the Eastern Middle Sea, and could have been the major factor that has put an end to the thriving civilization of Creta (Minos).

Thanks to todays technology and communication this is luckily no more possible but this still shows how destructive the power of tsunamis can be.

My question is simple indeed: do you believe that the climat change at the end of the Hyborian Age, with the advance of the glaciers forcing the migration of the Nordheimer and the Cimmerians, could have resulted from such an event.

For those who didn't see the movie: the sun rays send heat at the Equator and the Gulf Stream is responsible for the "transport of the warming air" and thus for the mild and temperated climate in the Northern Hemisphere.

However the (cyclic) warming up of the planet results in the mass-melting of the ice field in the North Pole and the enormous mass of melted fresh water disturbs entirely the Gulf Stream. No more heated air comes north and a new Ice Age begins.
Simple, isn't it?