Bibliography and Filmography for 2300AD

Blade Runner as a visual inspiration would make the game amazing, also representing down-on-luck colonies (the rainy streets) and the technologically advanced (Tyrell's pyramid Arco). :wink:
Blade Runner is Earth of 2300AD and maybe Tiranne. But, the colonies are wide open spaces either garden worlds like Firefly (otherwise, any type of environment from Hoth to Tatoonie to Water World to something that resembles Southern California/Germany) to mining worlds like Outland (hostle environments where you have don a spacesuit to work) to canned cylinders orbiting a resource. So, Earth seems pleasant...I am always also inspired by the end of the original Planet of the with Blade Runner once you leave the overcrowded arcologies then you might get somewhere green yet artificial.
kafka said:
Silent Running
Logan's Run
Mad Max trilogy
Black & White episodes of Lost in Space

Blue Planet
Transhuman Space (minus the Transhumanist aspect just focus on space exploration)
Olympus Mons & Stellar Wind

Eh, pretty sure Logan's Run won't fit...(Dystopian future, domes, post apocalypse out doors, death at 30 IIRC)
Mad Max nah... mindy you some of the Nutters in there could make good Kafers...

But RPGs look for High Colonies... very rare
Actually, I was just thinking about middenface's idea about substituting Kafers for a different genre baddie - suddenly those Zombie films could become the inspiration for surviving the aftermath of a Kafer attack? :lol: